Got robbed :(

Getting things stolen sucks. A laptop, wallet, some cash were taken.

Update: Forensics might get fingerprints. Fun I guess. *thinks CSI*
Update 2: Hastings is a pretty shady town with lots of drunks and not-so-socially-acceptable teens. Definitely not living here in the long-run. Only here now to make a living.
Update 3: Police came but decided not to take any prints because there are too many people here who would have used the doors, walked pass for it to be any use.
Update 4: In this day-and-age, I really wish devices and content were seperate. Losing both at the same time is harsh.

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  1. Not too much, a laptop, wallets and cash (not mine). Although it always make you feel insecure like if you’ve had a virus on a computer. Even after you remove it, you’ll never sure.

  2. @tino: No that computer just had general accounting data which can be back-tracked. No security or identity information there.

  3. Sorry, Long, that really sucks. There’s a burglar hitting houses in my neighborhood the last few months, and everytime I come home I’m really worried that I’m next. Hopefully the CSI’s will make your case top priority ๐Ÿ™‚

    If not, just tell them you’re an important blogger. They love that.

  4. Go robbed always makes people insecure, i hate that happens, i’ve been robbed once or twice, but nothing important.

  5. ya sounds like what i was dealing with a week or 2 ago, they broke into my house stole a bunch of money and on top of that stole my 19″ lcd and an entire stack of my cd’s that i had movies and tv shows burned onto

  6. oh and did i mention i live in the caribbean and their is no CSI even. They didnt take any fingerprints or anything hell they barely looked around they wrote a report and actually told me if i didnt actually see the person and theirs no first hand whitnesses their isn’t much they can do….

    so better luck with your investigation hope it goes much better than mine lol

  7. Damn Long, sorry to hear this. Hopefully some very very nice company, such as DELL, HP, GATEWAY, or SONY WILL HELP YOU OUT But yeah, sorry to hear that….

  8. That stinks.

    I feel your pain. Our vacation house got cleaned out a couple of weeks ago (for the 2nd time in 2 years); fortunately the cops seem to have found the dude who did it (at least they’ve found most of the stuff that was stolen from us from the most recent robbery).

  9. Sorry to hear that man.
    You have a great blog by the way…It’s one of the websites i visit on a daily basis.

  10. Ah, that sucks, Long. =( My parents had their cars broken into one night about a week ago. I’m sorry to have to add you to the list of people I know who are affected by someone else being greedy. Good luck finding your stuff, man.

  11. Hey Long,

    Bummer to hear. You should setup a “donate here” thing from paypal. You’re website is tremendous and I’d be more than happy to send a little $ you’re way to help you out.

    Keep up the great site.

  12. That sucks Long. But better some stuff stolen then losing you life. Maybe we should set up a contribution so you can buy a new lappie? ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. oh sorry for you Long … I know what it is (2 times in a year while building my house) it really hurts.

    you have had your bad day .. now will come the lucky days :p

  14. hey long – sorry to hear the news.

    cheer up! maybe your laptop has one of those exploding batteries…? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. I don’t suppose you had bitlocker set up or anything? That’s awful, I’m sorry for you. I haven’t had anything stolen before, but I’ve lost important stuff and that’s bad enough. Would hate to have had it been intentional on someone’s part.

  16. Sorry to hear that. I have been robbed before so I know the feeling.

    I have a friend who works in the crime investigation lab and she said that some of the equipments on the show is in actuality so expensive that they don’t have access to them. Things are done the old fashioned way…

  17. Hi Long,

    I am very sorry you got robbed. The last time I got robbed I lived with my parents, that was around 1990. I hope someone or a Company can help you get back on your feet with a new laptop. This is an unfortunate reminder I need to lock the BIOS on my laptops and enable Bitlocker on the Vista laptop. Although I know if it got stolen, I won’t get it back, but it will be useless to them anyway.

    Keep up the good work and I know you will pull through.

  18. I’m sorry to hear that, that truly sucks, I got robbed once and the feeling you get is horrible, lots of insecurity for a while; eventually you’ll get over it, its just like when you have a big car accident, driving afterward becomes a nightmare for a while, I’m glad you are alright yourself though it could have been worse Long, Material things can always be replaced or restore, take care buddy.

  19. Hay man, sorry to hear that. Hope you can get it back soon. Did the police say if they will be able to recover your stuff? Glad to hear your ok. Take care man.

  20. @newskool08: Nah, recovery is pretty much impossible these days. Just as long as it doesn’t happen again.

  21. Hey Long, sorry to hear about that. ๐Ÿ™ Glad to hear that you’re alright though. (with teen thugs, things can always get much worse :/)

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