Zune Originals announced, ordering process unveiled

Zune OriginalsMicrosoft has officially made the press announcement regarding Zune Originals just minutes ago, and it is everything expected from yesterday’s leak plus even a little more.

Users who order from the Zune Originals website from tomorrow will be able to customize the back of their Zunes with three types of laser engraving. First, a series of 27 artworks from the “Artist” series will cover the entire Zune. Alternatively, a series of 20 artworks from the “Tattoo” series will allow for up-to 3 lines of text. Finally, without images, you are allowed a maximum of 5 lines of text. This offer is offer for free, and for all new Zune models.

Unfortunately it looks like early-adopters are screwed once again, with no opportunity for them to customize their Zune if they pre-ordered elsewhere.

The ordering process will be as follows.

Zune Originals customization
Step 1: Pick the Zune model – 4GB, 8GB, 80GB (separate page) you would like to customize.

Zune Originals customization
Step 2: Pick the color of your Zune.

Zune Originals customization
Step 3: Pick the type of engraving – text, “Art” series, “Tattoo” series.

Zune Originals customization
Step 4: Choose the appropriate artwork, add appropriate inscription.

Zune Originals customization
Step 5: Preview your handy work.

19 insightful thoughts

  1. meh… why don’t they actually work on improving the zune software & features of what the actual player can do.. not this marketing rubbish.. I would have bought a zune player from the other side of the world if it was actually worth it.. zen/ipod still seems better overal

    and what is it with this weird arty fartsy crap they been doing with zune.. just not buying it.

    sort it out microsoft.

    awaiting Zune V3 tbh.. perhaps that might actually be worth looking at it

  2. Chill out Koogle, you sound bitter at the world. Have you tried the new player/software? I didn’t think so.

  3. I don’t think Koogle needs to chill out as much as he needs to actually inform himself. The players have obvious updates, improvements, the software is completely revamped. What else are you honestly expecting here? It’s definitely in league with the iPod Classic in terms of functionality. Hell, it can technically do more.

    I have a Zen Vision: M and considering Creative Labs’ track record for never delivering promised firmware and iffy support (I got the thing a year ago and they’ve discontinued it already… just like with my last Creative player) I’m not sure what they can be praised about in that department either.

    In any case, thanks for this article. Very interesting.

  4. “Screwed Once Again”

    You must *hate* the entire consumer electronics industry with a passion. You get screwed the second you buy a new desktop or laptop because usually monthes later the same hardware is cheaper or for the same price you get better hardware. You get screwed buying any new TV because just 9 monthes later the next version comes out that has better blacks, more inputs and a better remote. You get screwed as soon as you drive a car off the lot because, you guessed it, a year later a new model will come out that has more standard features and better gas milage. Seriously, why even buy anything, because a year later there will *always* be something better or cheaper.

    There is a line between “screwing the consumer” and “evolution of a product” and in the Zune’s case this is the basic evolution of a consumer good. Compared to most CE devices Zune users are pretty damn lucky, Microsoft could have gone the Apple route and *not* even backported the firmware.

  5. @Koogle, “…why don’t they actually work on improving the zune software & features…”

    You seem to be under the impression that there are only two people working on the Zune, running around a room doing everything from software, firmware, hardware, testing, install, engraving, website design, contract negotiation, marketing, PR, music selection, packaging, etc. It may come as a suprise to you that there are actually multiple people working on the product and whether the marketing guy spends all day folding paper cranes or works on free custom engraving it has *zero* effect on the developers that *are* working on improving the software & features.

  6. I work at Etchstar.com an online service that customizes ANY product with ANY art–check etchstar.com for more information. We have star trek art, famous artists, art from your favorite TV show and more. Or you can upload your own art. We also customize iPods, Zunes, laptops, cell phones, and more that you ALREADY OWN through our send-in service.

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  7. the new zune is really cool, especially the more u become familiar wiht it, the art design is totally creative and original even with the text inscriptions…now here’s the only thing left to be answered, what can I put down for a text inscription? i was thinkin of putting in memorable quotes and stuff, or some lyrics from a song, but i want to be original about it, they should have a website to help u come up with a original quotes for urself, any help would be great, thx ♣

  8. Is there a case that I can purchase that allows the inscription and design to show through the back of my zune?

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