Happy first birthday Windows Vista


Windows Vista is growing up so quick and making so many (100 million) friends. It was a little hard fitting at first – everyone still favored her older and more mature sister Ex-Pee, but now everyone’s getting along much better. In fact, it won’t be long until she gets her new pajamas! Maybe then she’ll be the new popular kid on the block. Although rumor has it her parents are already looking to have another one, but doctors don’t know when that one will arrive just yet. Here’s to another year.

Moist and delicious cake kindly provided by the Windows Vista Magazine.

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  1. Wow. Time does fly!

    And here I am dithering along with trusty old eXtreme Performance… or whatever it is.

  2. Yay to Vista! With complications prior to birth, not to mention a late one and being neglected from her mature sister Ex Pee she has been growing steadily through the onslaught of tech journalists and blogs such as this. Hopefully she won’t end up like her late cousin Windows ME. We’re hoping MotherSoft’s 7th child will receive much greater acclaim…

    (Sorry for all the connotations to child development, but with that tone already set…)

  3. While it’s Vista’s first birthday, it’s my computer’s half birthday, bought June-July. Windows XP is old school who needs the eXPerience when you can have pOWER and pRODUCTIVITy and best of all eNJOYMENT. I wonder if Vista will survive after her mom gives birth Windows 7, will it get critizized or will it be attacked by Vista.

    P.S. Long, ship the cake to me immediately, via Express Shipping

  4. bah take your cake and eat it, I ain’t touching it.. Vista is like the new kid on the block everyone had been hearing about, the rumours about her all sounded good.. but in the end she took too bloody long to get to the playground!, and didn’t deliver what was asked for, and all of her new toys(features)pretty crap and she’s been sleeping around with Mr Dirty DRM.She is also pretty slow at games, doesn’t play nicely and has some personal issues that need sorting out.

    Mean while XP has matured nicely and she has lots of friends to play with and help her out in any areas she isn’t as good at, you just have to look around for them.

    So long Asta La Vista.. perhaps a personal fitness trainer and personality transplant (aka SP2) might help you out. And make you worth using.

    Until then we shall wait for Win7 the sibling that might get it fucking right!… 2011 is it? ZZZzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

    Last year was a struggle for you and got yourself admitted to ICU. Hope you will get well soon and win the hearts of the people when you will get your SPecial gift number 1 from your lovely Mother very soon.

  6. yahooooo. 1 year and still running. had vista since pre-released RTM version during sometime in December or earlier. i wish microsoft would lower the prices a little or more than a little for people to adopt it faster and go genuine, it will be better for the company.
    after all, vista isn’t bad, it is an advanced somewhat ahead of it’s time “cause of the somehow slow PC’s with some people” but everything is good with me with the premium version.

  7. Happy Birthday Vista!!!
    Here’s your birthday cake! Now make a wish and blow out the candle!
    Ummmm, it’s been 30 minutes, are you going to make a wish or just run the HDD some more?
    ***A program needs your permission to make a wish.
    ***Cancel or Allow?
    Finally! Allow, of course.
    ***Ok then, proceeding with wish.
    ***A wish has been started. If you started making this wish, press continue
    ***You must have administrator privileges to make this wish.
    ***Try making a wish again and select “Run as Administrator”
    I am the admiinistrator you miserable cunt!
    ***The wish did not get made successfully
    No shit!
    ***Please wait while windows checks for a solution to this problem
    Yeah, well, your older sister XP managed to bake three more cakes and run to the store to get extra napkins in the time that you’ve spent dicking around.

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