Vista SP1 RTMed! Go downlo…oh wait…nevermind

Windows Vista SP1

Why it is going to take Microsoft more than a month to deliver Windows Vista Service Pack 1 over its digital distribution network, Windows Update, from release-to-manufacturing date is beyond the capacity of my understanding. Although notably the Mardi Gras is in March, maybe that has something to do with it.

Update: Some have pointed out that the delay is in fact due to some driver problems on existing Windows Vista computers that prevents a flawless upgrade. The bizarre thing is that they’re not spending a month working around the problem, assuming they can. They’re going to spend a month working out which drivers are problematic, and when March comes around, Windows Update is only going to alert and prevent those users with faulty driver installs from installing SP1. They’re delaying a benefit to potentially millions of users because some driver programmers made a boohoo.

Still begs the question why advanced users can’t download it from Downloads today. What difference does it make in March?

Having installed SP1 RC Refresh 2 flawlessly, I can vouch for the improved Vista experience even if it’s a unmeasurable amount. There is no reason not to install it, and everything you gain is a bonus.

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  1. Just as a clarification for Jason, Vista RTM was available on MSDN (digitally as an ISO) the same day it RTMed.

  2. I don’t fucking get what they did.

    They’re waiting until they can detect that you’ll have to reinstall a few drivers so that they -won’t- offer it to you?

  3. Yes, but that doesn’t make sense. Why not just realease it on Microsoft Download, instead of pushing it, until they can nail that bug?

  4. Just because a pinhead number of drivers were installed incorrectly, and might take a whole driver reinstall to correct, all the other millions of Vista users have to suffer?

  5. Those who can’t wait can get it via windows update using sp1 refresh2 reghack.
    It installs az a final version (6001.18000.080118-1840)
    no expiry date, no version number, no watermark (evaluation copy)
    I guess it is not RTM just because of the driver related bug.
    If anyone experiences a driver issue after installation of SP1 RC refresh 2, this can be easily resolved by reinstalling the specific driver.

  6. Mardi Gras in March??? Thought it was tomorrow…….oh well I guess I’ll just have to drink all that beer anyway. On a side note only the x64 version of Server 2008 is available now for download with the x86 coming down the road.

  7. I was looking forward to formatting today and installing SP1, but nooooooooo MS has to hold out the standalone installer for another damn month. VERY stupid, IMO.

  8. This is bizarre! I can understand why they dont push it on Windows Update, but not releasing it on MS Downloads or at least for MSDN/TechNet subsribers is ridicoulus!

  9. I’m running RC 1 refresh 2 as well. It’s easy to get via MS Update using refresh 2 registry hack. After the installation you’ll get a version number
    (6.0.6001.18000-1840) same as the official RTL. It’s all about the driver bugs. If you install it you have SP1 final.

  10. C’mon, are you guys really surprised that Microsoft picked the worst possible way to handle this situation? REALLY?

    This is par the course for Microsoft — nothing more, nothing less.

    Also, Long, this comment form sucks. Try to make a comment without an email address, then hit the back button when you get the error.

    It is very Web 1.0 / Microsoftish. šŸ˜‰

  11. Just wait for a leak version. I am pretty sure it will leak… I mean Window 7 M1 got leaked. *Laugh*

  12. At first I was confused as well but honestly it makes sense. If just anyone can grab RTM then that puts zero pressure on the hardware vendors to update their drivers. Since you can only get it via Update then vendors will be scrambling to make sure they’re not on that list of SP1 blockers and if they are then people will become very vocal about wanting SP1.

    Makes sense to me, plus since I’m running Refreh 2 it’s not really that big a deal if I get RTM today or a month from now.

  13. So, any updates on the effect this has on the OEM crack phase?

    Which goes along with Long’s “you have nothing to lose and everything to gain” segment.

  14. Why would they declare it RTM’ed anyway? As far as I understand, it’s not yet finished. Why announce it finished now and not in a month? I don’t get it…

  15. WHAT, WHAT, WHAT. I was waiting for Service Pack 2 but no Microsoft had to move it into to March cause of needle-brains driver problems. Replace your hardware crap or go to Mars. You’ll mind as well fit in with them, after all you’re an alien ;). Anyways when is Service Pack 3 for Windows XP coming out, it better come out soon. OR ELSE šŸ™

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  17. Hey Long …

    I know how frustrating it is.. but we will get SP1 soon .. you have SP1 RC2 refresh so why do you care about SP1 ?

    I have SP1 v.658 and I’m not worrying that much about SP1.. it will comes in due time.

    You are right when saying that advanced users should be able to download it .. but there are too many people waiting for a failure.. to jump on it right now!

  18. Rafael, the thing only went into effect with the RTM version of SP1. So we have to wait til March to see.

  19. Ryan,

    Can you run this command from a cmd.exe prompt and post back the build number returned.

    reg query HKLM\Components\DerivedData\Components | findstr /i /c:”ntdll_” |findstr 6001.1

  20. Well here is what I got,


  21. Bad driver could be deadly. I remember Vista Beta had a warning that it was missing fan drivers for some laptops and provided a danger. Wasn’t that the first patch for the vista beta?

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