Tina Wood helps simplify Microsoft acquisitions: aQuantive and Yahoo

If you’re a little confused to why and how Microsoft makes acquisitions, Tina Wood at Microsoft’s On10 community has kindly produced this video debunking some of the Microsoft myths, in which, she demonstrates the thought process behind these acquisitions. Here’s a quick snippet.

[flv:tinawood_microsoft_acquire.flv 580 432]

If you like what you see, check out the whole video at On10.net.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. Huh…
    I always knew executives thought that way. πŸ™‚
    Its kinda nice to see the lighter side of Microsoft once in a while…helps remind people that they’re actually human

  2. If she only had a quarter for every time she has undoubtedly heard a guy use her last name in conjunction with something sexual. lol. And on that note, here’s my quarter, Tina…

    …j/k. lol.

    Got an eye for the ladies do ya then, Mr. Zheng?

    “Curls… girls…”


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