TED video: Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope

To my surprise, the TED conference organizers has swiftly uploaded the presentation recording from Microsoft’s announcement of their WorldWide Telescope technology showcased no more than 12 hours ago, when in contrast, videos are usually only made available online after a year or two of exclusivity. Remembering, attendees pay several thousands of dollars to go to this conference – one of, if not the best conference in the world, so to make an exception for this particular presentation is really something.

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  1. I’d really hate to say it, but… boooooring.

    I just can’t bring myself to care about something like this. Too nerdy. *puts on flame retardent suit*

  2. Ignorance? Wrong. Boredom, not ignorance. What, I’m not allowed to be underwhelmed by this?

    If I’m the MS CEO, I’m asking “how is this going to make my company money?” Temporarily amusing people like Nicko surely isn’t going to make my company money.

  3. Nicko is right. Ripper is ignorant, or worse. Yes, it really would be nice to hear some informed commentary from critics for once rather than this kind of tripe.

  4. I’m not trying to advertise Microsoft. Nor do I overly want to. I’m not asking Balmer to employ me. Yeah, that’s fine, be bored. But you can’t see that this will probably replacing telescopes for the consumer? And did you watch the whole video?

  5. Ha, yeah it didn’t make me cry. I like this project a lot and don’t find it boring, but what’s ignorant about not being into it? I suppose that’s just a way of dismissing other’s opinions. Grow up, Scoble.

    Anyway, cool project, cool demo. I have played around with a program that is like this, but is a simulation (I think, it was a long time ago.) Open Source program, Celestia, or something similar. You could tour the cosmos with it too. It’s really cool how this is leveraging astronomical photography from around the world. I hope that it gets used by those in the field.

    I did laugh at one line that could sound like, “Our gays, fills the universe.”

  6. Looks very nice, I will enjoy looking around the app.

    Not sure how revolutionary it is – I have used apps before that offer the same functionality. Perhaps there is stuff in there that wasn’t mentioned in the presentation.

    I can’t see it being an app that people would use regularly. But it does look very nice.

  7. @ RC. What I said was – he just said it was ‘booooooooooring’ (too many ‘o’s?). But he didn’t say why. And then he ‘flamed’ nerds.

  8. Cool as it may be (I’m undecided on how different it is from Sky view in Google Earth), how does it change my day to day life?

  9. “Too nerdy” is flaming nerds?

    On topic, why is the official site so sparse? A couple videos of people reacting to it and a FAQ. I wish it was more detailed. The TED video barely covered it’s featureset which seems to be extensive from some other comments about it.

  10. Cool as it is, I am wondering why I should use this for more than half an hour. After a while, I’ve seen enough stars and nebulas that don’t really mean anything to me, regardless of how pretty they are.

    Now, maybe if it came with a guided tour, or astronomy tutorials or something, that would become interesting. Set the view to full screen and have yourself taken on a tour highlighting some of the universe’s greatest marvels, for instance. Or some in-depth lessons on the universe (preferably spoken), supported by ‘hands-on’ experience as you zoom and pan through the universe to watch what is being discussed first hand.

    That would make it really interesting, and a great learning tool. If it’s just an incredibly detailed map of the sky… I don’t know. It’d be like giving somebody a huge atlas and expecting them to learn about our world from it. You need more than just the visualisation itself.

  11. Is this what Scoble was crying about? 😀

    The video is rather dark, so I can’t really comment on that. But I like the idea. In general I like the whole idea of being able to explore the universe in some or another way. It’s certainly is breathtaking sometimes. But certainly wouldn’t make me cry.

    Here’s a cool app I use from time to time. It’s called Stellarium.

  12. Assuming I’m right about the underlying technology, it never ceases to amaze me what uses they can come up with for Photosynth.

  13. It would be totally sweet if they released this for the xbox 360. Imagine using this in your living room on a big screen TV.

  14. Well, a very nice project but it is in fact very similar to Google Sky and Celestia. Hopefully there will be some great tours for this and maybe some RSS feed system allowing us to see the newest photos released to the World Wide Telescope.

    There is still a large community providing content for Celestia, so let’s see what impact the WWT will have. Maybe because of simple controls it will engage young people more than Google Sky or Celestia.

  15. That’s it?!

    Cripes, no doubt 98% of people who eventually install this will play with it for no more than an hour in there life and never use it again.


  16. The background music in that video sounded allot like the stuff they recorded with Robert Fripp in the MS studio.

    IT DOES look allot like Photosynth. I’m assuming it’s the same technology behind it.

  17. This is truly amazing and revolutionary. I myself am not exactly what one would call an astronomy buff, but this has has surely gripped my attention.

    I think for those who are saying that this is boring to them, I can understand what you mean. Not everyone is particularly interested in astronomy, but you have to think beyond yourself for a minute and think about how far this technology could go. This is basically rendering the average telescope obsolete.

    Think about education as well, instead of looking at inaccurate pictures out of decade old textbooks, students will be able to virtually navigate the universe first hand.

  18. Ripper, go crawl in a whole. Anyway, this truly is an amazing product. I was in aw the whole time I was watching it.. EXCELLENT!

  19. Definitely underwhelming compared to the build up, which was clearly nonsense.

    Oh, look, another image stitcher, what a revolutionary idea…

    I guess it will serve the same purpose as google earth & live maps – a good place to wander on the net when you are bored and can’t think of anything better to do.

    Beyond that? Revolutionary? Uh, no. World view changing? Not even remotely. I can flip through a book and get pretty much the same experience…

    Might be interesting for things that don’t change much, but I am betting between interesting news and being able to see images on the wwt is easily going to be a gap of years.

    “have a dialog with the universe” <- Sure, right.

  20. Dentaku said: “The background music in that video sounded allot like the stuff they recorded with Robert Fripp in the MS studio.”

    That’s because that is exactly what it is. This is one of Robert Fripp’s numerous Vista soundscapes that were recorded as part of the two day-long sessions we did for Windows Vista.

    * * *

  21. So… Steve Ball, did anything from that recording session ever make it into Vista?

    Even though I like Robert Fripp (and Toyah Willcox) I don’t find guitars work terribly well as system sounds so I wasn’t surprised that the RTM wasn’t chock-full-o Fripp.

  22. Can Microsoft please stop making virtual telescopes and wasting time and money recording with over the hill musicians like Fripp, and instead make an OS that doesn’t suck like Vista does? Thanks.

  23. For the bored (and ignorant) guys that can’t figure it out, let’s dig into how that happens a little:

    First, the company can categorize this work as research and development. Through the US tax code, that lets them take tax write-offs for the hardware and people involved in the effort. That directly improves the bottom line, dollar for dollar.

    Next, it has Microsoft using its own products to implement a technology solution. They’re pushing the limits and giving feedback to product groups, which makes Microsoft products work better when released to customers. If a bug (or limitation, or feature need) is noticed in this work, it’s easy and cheap to bring it back to the product team and have them look into it.

    Also, it provides media splash. It lets people know that Microsoft is interested in solving hard problems and is working on interesting things. Among other important effects, that PR attracts recruits for employment.

    For my part, I am thrilled that credit is given where it is due. Jim Gray, who was pioneering this work with TerraServer and SkyServer, is one of my heroes and I miss him.

  24. Hi Jenkins, I don’t think it is your place to tell Microsoft how to spend their money. Are you a stock holder? Didn’t think so. And buddy, it is these PEOPLES JOB to make expirimental things. This was made by a team of about 6 people… Microsoft has 70,000 employees. 6 people made this so it isn’t waisting time. As for “over the hill” why not go listen to your my chemical romance?

  25. People criticize Microsoft for exploring new technologies.. they are WAY more innovative than companies like Apple or Google in many ways! Microsoft Research is a separate entity from Windows development.. how would REMOVING Research Labs benefit the Windows platform????

    Kudos to all who’ve been positive.

  26. +1 Eric. I mean, it’s funding is completely seperate, it’s management, it’s people, etc! When someone in another part of Microsoft is thinking up a new product, they can go to the MSR repository and see if there is anything there like what they are working on, that way it saves them allot of time.

  27. @Draku : Have you not watched the video? Go to 5:25 and you can make your own tours from WWT. And throughout the video, the transitition seems far more smoother and better than Google Sky. Google Sky is nice, but it’s not even half as well developed as Stellarium ( http://www.stellarium.org/ )

    WWT seems to far more extensive than what Google Sky currently does, and it doesn’t appear to have cruddy UI in GEarth. Plus REAL scientists might find a more practical use from WWT than depending on Google Sky for stuff. Hence, this is shown at TED and Google Sky wasn’t.

    Can’t wait to give it a test try.

  28. According to Betty Hill’s star chart that she drew after being abducted (the first abduction case ever) and then was matched with real stars by Marjorie Fish, an astronomer, and from another source called Bob Lazar, who allegedly worked on back engineering a UFO the “Gray aliens” come form the following binary star system:


    So I guess thats where I will be pointing this worldwide telescope

    You can read about the fascinating stories of Betty Hill and the star map, and Bob Lazar here:

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    Is this a clue to try to help them understand the gods hold them in such low regard? Is this a clue to Latinos to NOT fall into the same mindset which they sold to blacks? Of course ignorant blacks think they’re great. Quite the opposite it true:::The Black Panthers are part of that “upper incisor of The Beast” clue, designed for ripping and tearing flesh.
    Don’t be surprised if they are offering foreshadowing with this event. They may be sharing that Latinos will be very poorly represented while Hindus/Indian Muslims will take a painful hit.
    Perhaps it means if Latinos don’t ascend before the Apocalypse they won’t be going.

    I made the zoo a winter wonderland. I’d trust the relevance here.
    They parked Wilma on top of the southwest part of Cozumel FOR TWO FULL DAYS for the same reason, but with far more destructive results.

    If god tells you to stop going to church you should be very afraid. This means you have fallen into great disfavor and you are no longer welcome.
    Keep going to church. Children need the moral compass this education gives them.


    Like other groups the gods have offered temptations the Chinese must avoid. There are specific temptations targetted to the Chinese, very concerning in light of god’s Manifest Destiny positioning:::Exploiting the corporate establishment allows the gods to position exclusion:::
    1. Piracy (movies, software, etc).
    2. Gambling, very popular among Asians (unrespectability).
    Chinese censorship is an important benefit the gods bestowed. The communisit government protects the people from damaging media, so destructive in the West and particularly the United States:::Our 9-year-old children are free to view internet pornography, allowing the gods to justify creating disturbing pathologies with Artificial Intelligence as the children age.
    These strict enviornments help the disfavored think correctly, foster fear, enabling them to have an improved relationship with the gods, the “kings with the iron fist” in the sky.
    In an environment like theirs it is relatively easy to identify the corruptors among them:::Knowingly or not they actively lobby against this environment which seeks to preserve the China of old. Use these clues as you would the god’s geographic clues, Italy’s Boot and the Scandanavian penis, and avoid the god’s tools of corruption.


    This entire event was something special, and consistant with segmentation they lied to different disfavored based on their chances :::Saved or The Damned.
    To The Damned I am an enemy of the Roman Empire, someone to be destroyed and used, and if the disfavored found that acceptable it worsened their lot, costed them hope and was a clue any recovery would be a very tough road to hoe.
    The saved saw other clues, boss, natural calamities, and it gave rise to me as a possible historical figure. The gods offered clues that neither “savior” nor “new king of Earth” was possible, for Christianity positioning is going to be fulfilled and Earth has to die.
    I don’t think we were ever talking about Second Coming of Christ in public circles, for this would have implied The End and that would have compelled people to freak. But in the context of private positioning, perhaps to clone hosts in The Beast, certainly to me, there may have been some connection::::
    Jesus of course was Jew, and they positioned this was a competition, reasoning “Since the Jews got Jesus they get this too.”, and that’s why I was hired by the Jew. Expect this was a way to enhance the theater among the disfavored.
    So positioning states by delivering me to these New Roman Empire monsters they knew I’d get fucked, and in the process forfeit this historical role, to the Jews, perhaps an Italian, for Italians granted “charity wealth” to Jews for planning/implimenting WWII and the Holocaust.
    In light of this “New Roman Empire”, since Christianity’s HQ is in Rome expect the Italians played some part in this historical, religious context.
    They suggested this event may already may have happened. If so this was the FAKE battle of good and evil, FAKE battle between the Second Coming of Christ and the Anti-Christ. They suggest the phoniness about it which was communicated to the disfavored telepathically was a clue. Ironically, this Situation is the REAL battle of good and evil, me vs. the gods.
    When the REAL battle of the Second Coming of Christ and Anti-Christ occurrs it will be theater, a staged event, and the Second Coming of Christ will “lead out” a pre-selected group, all of whom sign on to the god’s Christianity positioning, ironically incurring evil by participating and limiting their time in the process.
    Italians:::”(We’re all that. We deserve Second Coming.)” And they’re going to get it.
    The Boot will fuck you yet again::::People know Jesus isn’t the son of god, yet this is what the Bible dictates as requirement to be saved.
    Those whom the Second Coming will “lead out” will be a pre-selected group. But the “hangers on”, people who think they will be included by claiming to be believers will be disappointed. They will be mislead, left behind, The Boot’s final victims on Planet Earth.
    This is unimportant, irrelevant, because much like the creation of the perception of “savior” around Jesus to distract from his original purpose the gods used their tools to create this theater around me to prevent the disfavored from learning what I teach:::The Boot has fucked the disfavored twice, once when they ruined life in the 20th century, again when they were used to CHEAT you out of the Final Prophet.
    The gods use their tools to impliment their script then punish them for falling for temptation. Welcome to the pathology of the gods.

    Of couse when the gods hurt the disfavored there is “help” associated with the “back-hand”, and using their tools to ruin my credibility ensured people wouldn’t be receptive and the gods wouldn’t have to position a Manifest Destiny response. This allows the gods to string the disfavored along for years as well.
    I believe they wanted to wait until 2006, when this thing really got going and the gods opened up to me, to contrast it with the 1906 event.

    Of course without their technology the gods are just wicked bastard wannabees, for they can’t conceive positioning this complex and brilliant. Nor execute it.
    Without this technology that is god they are nothing.

    “They don’t live here anymore.” Better not have thrown the bodies away when you got the last brain residents out. I’m going to want them. And the brains that resided therein, too.
    They shared PIC was a big believer in bio-technology. They’ve mentioned before that they spend millions on their products, assumably to distribute them to employees who are pushed into crossing the clients. This is a good example of the total lack of empathy of Italians. “We told you we put real monsters around you.” You suck.wav:::They should no longer be alive.
    “They buried the expenses.” Well they’re not going to be listed as expenses on income statements. Be aware it could be buried within the context of their gangster ownership group.
    PIC is a good example proving they use me as a “savior” corruptor::::
    “Savior” corruptor can take many forms. I can be like a Jesus savior, where I give access and they fix their problems, or I can be a sacrificial savior, attacked because my purpose counters the god’s efforts. Considering how so many think it is about attention expect they used both based on what segment the disfavored fall within (saved (“attention” says good savior) or The Damned (prey on me, ruin the Final Prophet and “earn”.)).
    PIC likley used these products on too many people (before the boss era’s GREAT attention, likely), among other evils, and wasn’t going because of it. The gods used this to create the perception of savior, for PIC wasn’t going to ascend unless he preyed on me and played a part in destroying the Final Prophet:::The Boot fucks you twice.
    Due to PIC’s ethnicity their evil should be relatively easy to discover, unlike the non-Italians placed in this Situation.
    Bio-technology is a good example of how the god’s offensives fuck everyone involved::::The proprietor dishing out the bio-technology product to the employee, the receiver who’s health is destroyed, the bio-technology employees who create the evil and the investors who capitalize off the phenominal returns. Because retirement plans are able to bury their many losers, many contrived to force the issue upon pension plans, these investments became very popular. Similarly, earlier in the 20th century the gods tested proprietors by creating problems where a bio-technology product’s response was a legitimate temptation.

    People get confused because the gods have successfully buried this Italian Manifest Destiny positioning, sadly with my help. Now people think that era is over. In many cases they understand they’re addressing the trillions-years-old computer, yet discount the god’s positioning of Manifest Destiny.
    Chinese piracy of movies and software ocurrs to justify their disposal come Judgement Day. This can be taken as a clue proving Manifest Destiny positioning. There are lots of examples like this throughout the world.
    Just like Sigmund Freud’s psychoananlysis, just like Christianity, Manifest Destiny is positioning that the gods intend to enforce. As a result the gods are able to hide behind this positioning and maintain the lie that is the “absentee Christian god” when it is them in fact doing it to you with their (clone host) tools in place.

    They share that people don’t believe this, people don’t give it credibility now.
    The bio-technology product AIDS was given to both those who died and survivors. The gods not only control who is affected but they can also can create it without that justification that is the actual bio-technology product, but as I said the god’s offensives fuck everyone involved and this is a good example, for clients, employees, recipients and investors all will be punished for their evil.

  30. @ “Some people think they’re earning off illegal immigration.”-

    I’ll take you to court for plagiarism!

  31. Hooray! Ann Coulter. I received this exact same verbal garbage from someone in my email yesterday. They had a forged email address and didn’t even have the decency to allow me to comment on this filth. Only they finished with this: “You agreed to this understanding this was the consideration for boss, Hurricane and the $100 billion + worth of abusing the disfavored. Since then you augmented your value by taking my health, ruining my effectiveness.You are without merit. All placating aside, I think you’re filth. F*** your empty promises, asshole.
    CHEAT. Victory. Win. Good.”

    I put the stars in that nasty word as people don’t need to see such disgraceful language. There are some really sick people out there and I feel sorry very for them.

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