Help me make istartedsomething better

  • What do you want to see on this blog?
  • What would you want to read more of – day-to-day news, patents, interviews, future Microsoft products?
  • Ultimate Extras rants?
  • Is there anything you want less of?
  • Would you mind reading content from multiple contributors/writers?
  • Would you like articles to be – funny, serious, opinionated, netural?
  • Do you want this blog to be a total source of Microsoft news? Or companion to other Microsoft blogs?
  • More pictures, less writing? More writing, less pictures?
  • More links to third-party content? More original content?

Write your comments, complaints, suggestions, ideas in comments below.

111 insightful thoughts

  1. I would like to see news of Microsoft stuff (e.g. Windows, Windows Live, Windows Mobile, Zune, Flight Simulator rain Simulator). I don’t mind other people posting. I don’t mind more humor or more seriousness.

    Of course, this is your blog, so you get to choose.

  2. Keep up the unique content πŸ™‚ I like that. And bringing stuff that isn’t in the main news is also awesome. You are a resource of unique news about Microsoft’s ideas and directions. Keep that up.

    Well…, if you want me to post on your blog, you know where you can find me πŸ˜‰

  3. I think what people want to hear and what will resonate the most is what is passionate to you. We can make sugguestions, but unless you are passionate and knowledgeable about what you write you will lose your audience. So I would say just post what intrest you…..that will drive you to dig deep into it and make compelling posts.

  4. i like to read more. more news, more rants, more opinions, just more πŸ™‚ my day starts bad when i dont see any new update on this site. poor me….

  5. So Long, we would like to see new investigations (you know, kinda some hidden details that you’ve managed to find :P) concerning Longhorn, Vista, and, of course, Win7. Keep going your course, we really appreciate you.

  6. I think you have agreat ballance on this site, however a little more maybe of new inovations and gadgets would be just right for me personally. Apart from that a big thumbs up matey πŸ˜‰

  7. I think that there should be more entry’s where you talk about interesting concepts that you have seen on the internet or elsewhere for example I loved the article where it had the carousel concepts from ms and I also love all of the windows se7en news that you find out as you add your own little opinions to them (which I usually agree with)

  8. I like your blog, thats why i subscribe to it in my rss reader, but I would like there to be more posts, maybe one new post a day.

  9. So far you’ve given me what I want and you should continue in that trend. I like the visual nature of your blog and the unique content. I think you’ve done a really good job of bringing the little known, but important details to your readership and you should keep that up.

  10. You should write about what YOU are passionate about. If you don’t, then your blog will fail because your heart isn’t in it. We all enjoy reading your blog just the way it is.

    I especially enjoy reading about design concepts, and inside information that I wouldn’t know about otherwise.

  11. I agree with The How-To Geek. I read this blog because you seem passionate. Even if sometimes I wholeheartedly disagree with what you say (and don’t mind telling you so), I like discussion and arguments. πŸ™‚

    Write what you want to. I’ll read it.

  12. too agrees with “The How To Geek”
    Its really true that blogging needs a pure mix of heart if you want a rich content blog πŸ˜€

  13. I think the common theme is that your blog brings unique perspective to the table. That’s why we read it, instead of reading Google News. Keep it the way it is.

  14. You do a lot of investigations and insight into things no other bloggers think to look into, that’s enough to keep it interesting without needing other contributors, it works fine as a companion to all the other blogs, there’s no need for you to make it anything bigger.

    If I could make one suggestion though… Less pictures, or hide them or something because this thing can be hell to read over RDC. πŸ˜›

    Just don’t lose your charm!

  15. and yeah one thing i forgot is that to appreciate the new blog design, cool though πŸ˜›

    I loved it πŸ˜‰

  16. get rid of the new design, or at least tweak it

    the left side looks fine(ish), but the right side is too convoluted

  17. We come here to read you, not anyone else. If you change it becuase of our (probably misguided) opinion, we won’t be reading you anymore. I’ll have to read Mary Jo Foley or someother old(er) person. Vive la Long! Vive la content libre!
    (I don’t actually speak french so don’t reply to this with a post on how my structure is in the toilet.)

  18. Try this on for size MR Long.

    I love it just how it is πŸ™‚

    Although.. you know that little post regarding Microsoft’s Innovations group recently.. We’d all love the video πŸ™‚

  19. These is my humble contribution: Keep it as you’re doing it. The scoops, the occasional rants, the funny witty style and the quality posts make this blog what it is. I wouldn’t trade it for getting more frequent updates, nor written by someone else.

  20. Don’t change a thing. I prefer once or twice a week quality in-depth postings versus volume of useless junk on daily basis. That’s the reason I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!

  21. No problem! I cannot commit to anything long term though, whereas my schedule is somewhat unpredictable at the moment. I will strive to keep you people on point and on the leading edge though.

  22. Just continue with what you have done so far. I really like that you don’t write about every news, that we can find elsewhere. Keep up the very good work but with more Sinofsky interviews πŸ˜›

    Maybe you can write some behind-the-scenes articles/interviews about the design process for older Microsoft software like Win95?

  23. Do what you do. We’re all reading because we like your unique interests. Don’t try to focus-group your blog — if I want blog-designed-by-committee, I’ll go to CNet (where I can select from blogs that cover every horizontal, vertical or diagonal slice through the industry).

    Note: that also means that if your interests change, or your need to post goes up or down, don’t feel constrained by what you did in the past. Part of what feeds your blog is your enthusiasm and interest.

    Have fun!

  24. One thing is that you have a lot of interesting older entries that a visitor doesn’t necessarily see. It would be a good idea to have some reference to interesting entries without having to do a search in the date-entry blog format

  25. I haven’t seen many spoof advertisements lately…

    Don’t dilute your main page like has. He used to post just news, now it’s updates for everygame that is out there and sucks.

  26. I have to say this is one of the best MS blogs out there. πŸ™‚ You always seem to get stuff first and your original content is your best stuff. Generally speaking you’re always the first to post on something or if not the first you get more detail! You always seem to get the patent and other 7 leaks first. πŸ˜‰

    Original articles and your thoughts though would be great. What are MS and others connected to Windows doing right and wrong and why. Balanced and fair but with humour is the best take. I can’t stand people who posture about saying how their ideas are clearly better and someone else is wrong (everytime someone stands on the ‘I hate the Ribbon’ soapbox I want to poke their eyes out.).

    Pictures are nice. A lot of what you cover is Vista UX and design so maybe looking in to reviewing and searching out third party applications that are ‘designed for Vista’ and covering them might be a nice subject to cover with screenshots. πŸ™‚

    Guest writers might also be nice as a once a month type thing? That way you could invite someone and have them come up with something cool to cover.

    Oh, and continue ranting about the extras, just no more than once a month on that either. X)

    Keep up the good work!

  27. More lolcat posts πŸ™‚ Seriously though, I like the stuff on the future direction of Windows software interface and WPF etc. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work.

  28. Would you mind reading content from multiple contributors/writers?
    No contributors/writers other than you.

  29. you can mix some more in there, but the unique content is what keeps this blog from being just another tech news site.

    and if you’re looking to do another interview, how about the team that started Neowin?

  30. I love it the way it is. It funny and most of the posts are unique, that is what makes it all so great!

    Keep up the good work!

  31. Hello there Mister Zheng πŸ™‚

    This is the first time i post in your blog, but i read it for a long time now.
    I think you should not change anything, i always read your blogs with a lot of pleasure,

    You are unique πŸ™‚

    Oh and ofcourse i want you to write LOTS about Windows 7 in the near future.

    Wish you all the best and please keep on going,

    With regards,
    Lucien from The Netherlands

  32. I love the blog as it is, if there was anything to be changed… Firstly, the design. You do need to change that slightly, just refine the design. Also would like more news, more posts!! I find that the content you write is fantastic but would like so much more!!

  33. First off i just wanna say i love your site! by far my favorite Windows-site! I love the work youve done so far, the articles are always a good and informative read!

    One criticism i have is that i dont like the new layout. In fact, i loved your old look so much that i didnt even add your site to my RSS reader coz i loved coming over here and reading it with the original layout! unfortunately, i now read it on my RSS reader.

    nevertheless, i still love your site and will keep coming back all the time!

  34. Definitely some more Ultimate Extras rants πŸ™‚

    Just focus on original content, interviews, conference coverage and don’t become a links blog…

    Keep up the good work…

  35. Well, there’s a problem with the current site layout: Some people can’t see the right column if either they’re in a small resolution or just plain strict about their browser window widths (which is exactly my case). Other than that, the site’s absolutely sexy as it is.

    I hope to see you post more unique content as you always do. Keep it up!

  36. I would have to say that I can always count on finding articles you can’t find anywhere else. Your site isn’t just another Neowin clone. I happen to love the new design by the way. I like your humor, I wouldn’t really mind 3rd Party articles and the only requirement of you bringing someone on to post with you is that they must be as unique as you are. Like another commenter said, behind the scenes on past MS products would be cool. I thought the History of the Ribbon video from MIX was pretty interesting..

    I dont really want to see any negative articles where you bash anything. Unless its tasteful.

    And, at least one post every day or two would be nice as well. Other those few things. Keep doing what your doing.

  37. *What do you want to see on this blog?
    I want to c more reviews, interviews plus inside views of anything which is related with computers.

    *What would you want to read more of – day-to-day news, patents, interviews, future Microsoft products?
    Yes absolutely.

    Ultimate Extras rants?

    Is there anything you want less of?
    Nothing yet.

    Would you mind reading content from multiple contributors/writers?
    If they are good like you then whts the problem.

    Would you like articles to be – funny, serious, opinionated, netural?
    I want serious and opinioned articles. Jokes and other funy stuff are available all over the net.

    Do you want this blog to be a total source of Microsoft news? Or companion to other Microsoft blogs?
    80% about Microsoft and their related products. 20% about other computing developments around the world.

    More pictures, less writing? More writing, less pictures?
    A good proportionate of both.

    More links to third-party content? More original content?
    Orginal are better. But if you find good third party contents why not post them?

    Since I’m a regular visitor i would like to see more post a day. BUt Knowing that u r still a student (like me) it may be difficult but if possible please post something. Please do some minor modification to the layout i dont like it much.

  38. Just stay away from the sinofsky bashing. Seems kinda lame considering you’re a 19 year old blogger and he is a way older man with an important position in a multi billion company with ways more experience.

    Otherwise, the blog is great!

  39. NO more Ultimate Extras rant. If you’re not aware, you can get them through updates. It’s not in an official shiny package and all, but it’s still the same thing.

    Otherwise, you’re doing fine Long. Though I liked the old blog design better.

  40. Hi,

    Thanks for the site and the great work and dedication.


    1) get rid of the new wide vertical bar on the left. It’s useless and the few choices (search,…) can easily be placed on a horizontal bar.

    2) get the photos back on your site!!!! It’s very, very annoying to go the slow outside ste. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  41. 1.-: It is good as it is, donΒ΄t write what you donΒ΄t want to write about, but if you take collaborators i would love to do so. my guess would be to have the same tone of you and have “original content” only.

    even reply pieces like the ones you do, given the way they are written can be taken in count as original content because they are not straight reactive pieces but reflective pieces. i think that is the true tone of your blog.

    2.-Pieces on the most relevant stuff as it is now is fine, scoops when possible, and posts on future or past Microsoft products is also something i associate with your blog

    3.-Not really

    4.- I would not mind if i am one of them, otherwise : DO NOT WANT. πŸ˜›

    5.-Case by case scenarios, we donΒ΄t need more rancouters, we got plenty of those.

    6.-I have always seen it as a companion of the other general Microsoft coverage. it is impossible to cover everything anyway, you would need to do 30 posts a day. but it would be good if you added your Microsoft blog roll again so people visiting can check out the blogs on Microsoft you consider relevant.

    7.-Good as it is.

    8.-Only original content, but i know you may feel you need to be more in touch to the general news, a weekly recap would be great and the right way to archive what you want, and it would also feel the void of weekends. πŸ˜‰

  42. I want this blog to be interesting and nothing more.

    I agree, is an another project, isn`t it? I really enjoy when I read your Windows regarding materials, your great finds. I understand that stuff I`ve described is worth it’s weight in gold. But it`s exactly what I hope to find here when visit istartedsomething from day to day.

  43. The blog is just fine the way it’s but I just want see more and more reviews because you’re good at it honestly.

  44. It’s the same as what many other people have said, but I love it the way it is. I like your originality, the complete and utter randomness of some of the posts (it’s all tech related, but nobody else would even think of posting it, and I love that), and it’s my favourite blog to pop up on my newsreader.

    However, Windows 7 news is always good, as is speculation, general wonderings, and rants.

    Keep up the good work.

  45. I would absolutely love to hear more about upcoming Microsoft products, rumors and leaks and such. πŸ™‚

    Things such as:

    -Windows 7
    -Windows Mobile 7
    -Zune stuff
    -Horizion (!!!)

    I had to add exclamation points to Horizion, because I really want to know more about that!

  46. I gotta say, I think your humor is what really brought me to this site. I love hearing about your speculation on the latest rumors, etc. I like how you take MS news and add your own commentary to it, as well as a splash of humor. The whole obsession with Steven Sinofsky is great. The mix of rumors, speculation, news, and humor is what really makes this site unique. I honestly wouldn’t change a whole lot.

  47. keep up the good work, long!
    1) more about Rain Simulator, we need that
    2) No old people like Mary Jo Foley (oh I am in soooo much trouble right now)
    3) obsessing on Steven Sinofsky = good
    4) please take more flights from Aus just to force random Softies try to fix your laptop. It is so fun.
    5) more cease and desist letters
    6) where do you get all these frickin comments?
    7) come to PDC

  48. Things I would like to see:
    *Future Microsoft products (including leaks rumors and your style of investigative journalism :-P)
    *Decoding of patent applications

    Of course, original content. Love your writing style. And keep it funny, bro.

  49. more interviews and future Microsoft products info, NO patent stuffs
    !!Ultimate Extras rants!!
    I would really not like to read content from other contributors/writers here. I only visit this blog to find things that the other multitudes of blogs don’t cover. Besides, I quickly glance at the blogs in your link/friends list once a month for variety. Only get other people to write here when a rare occasion warrants it. Except Rafael: he’s welcome here anytime.
    Just give us your honest opinion, be it funny/sarcastic/serious/sad/joyous BUT NOT indifferent.
    This blog must NOT be a total source of Microsoft news; it serves best as a companion to other Microsoft blogs.
    More videos, if you please. Like the time when you did the Vista Speech Recognition thing. Less writing? No way!
    Fewer links to third-party content, please, unless it’s Microsoft/-softies. More original content? Booyah!

  50. Snarky photoshop images had got to be my favorite part of the site. Riding Sinofsky, also hilarious. Just don’t go negative on Microsoft. There is enough of that garbage out there.

  51. 90% more links to my weblog would be the one thing that could make yours better.

    But seriously, I would suggest that you post more.
    More commentary and opinion, but keep it truthful. This may not be professional journalism, which will allow for humor, which is great, but in some way its still journalism. Also, words are more important then media, but media is important. So are your sources, but if you have a gut feeling that something is going down, say so.

    Most of all, get more posts about areas where its the “New” Microsoft, such as IE development, Silverlight, .NET, ect., and stress that. The “Old” Microsoft, the one would ignore the net, Embrace, Extend, Extinguish, and more… that one that would have slowly killed it, thats the one that you can ignore a bit. (Still, if its anything MS, I want to hear it.)

  52. downloads & nice wallpapers!

    now, for real: (the wallpapers would still be fine!)
    i liked better the template the blog had before.
    on the posts themselves, they’re just fine. too many pictures in some, like what could have been of microsoft office. it took ages to fully load over the wifi ntwork i was using that day.

  53. I want this site to be the of Microsoft, with a mix of The Unofficial Apple Weblog of Microsoft. I suggest content from multiple contributors/writers and I would want this blog to be a total source of Microsoft news.

  54. I really like your blog as it provides unique news especially about the “look” design and style. I would like to see more on this, and perhaps also applied also to Non-Microsoft application. Keep on.

  55. To Long, your blog is fantastic, but some things I would like to see are:

    . Information about Future Products
    . User Interfaces
    . Software Reviews
    . Links to software we wouldn’t usually be able to get (for example, tech betas)
    . Software insider news
    . Cool concepts and Images
    . Things of products, such as default wallpaper etc.

    You know what i mean Long, but apart from that, THIS BLOG IS GREAT!

  56. “You are the reader, so you get to choose ;-)”.
    Actually, we are the fans, we admire. It is the passion for the topics that you blog about, mixed with your unique style, that makes you stand out. If you let your fan base control you, you lose the ability to innovate, and you become uniform with the competition.

    Don’t forget what you have written in your about me, “I blog for fun, profit and the gals.”, “I’m totally doing this for the money and fame. No doubt about it. I’m literally swimming in money at your expense.”.

    [Insert wonderful catch phrase / quote here]

  57. I would like to see the old design. Much more appealing. This one seems claustrophobic.

  58. Hi Long!

    Please stay with the topics you already had! Special Microsoft News! We have lots of Microsoft News Websites out there and your’s special as you are talking about special stuff.

    Keep heading that way! πŸ™‚

    Greetings from the other side of the globe

  59. The longhorn/pre launch Vista content was the highlight for me. Such attention to detail many other blogs miss.
    These are a few of my favourite things…

  60. Long — You are doing a great job as it is. I don’t read a lot of blogs, but I keep coming back to yours so you must be doing something right. I guess if I HAD to make some suggestion it would be more of the same.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  61. I visit your blog reguarly because it’s updated. Most other blogs almost never get updated but your blog get’s updated almost every day. I also visit your blog because it isn’t the same old boring news that’s popular around the blogosphere, it’s news that other people didn’t get scoops on. Your posts are lively, informative and exciting, your posts also never get old as I have read your post on page 33 and it still seems exciting and relevant. Keep up the good work.

  62. One thing about your posts, remember this litle post about the Wireless Laser Keyboard 7000 that you found while in the FCC’s website. Week’s or month’s later when the product came out, you didn’t tell your fellow blog readers you didn’t notify your reader’s when the product was out in a recent post. I had to search and find out here,,2817,2274474,00.asp

    Don’t mean to put any pressure on you or hardship

  63. hi, I came to this site just few days ago and I like your blog with much information about ms:)
    I like to see more information about ms GUI (I think the UI of ms is very nice)
    I hope there are more pictures or screenshots from the ms new products and 3rd party software which are nice to use is also what I’d like to see.
    Anyway I wish this blog can concentrate on ms!!

  64. I like the content exacly as it is, I just would like more of it =)

    I follow about 70 tech sites a day in my rss reader, and while most are just echo chambers for the others you consistenly have unique and exclusive content. Keep up the good work!

  65. I probably would suggest something like MS comparison with other brand product. Kind of like Vista vs OSX…etc. More insider about MS…

    More content is what I would go for… Or you can just keep up what you doing now is fine too.

  66. I love your work and since I truely believe there’s no match for your blog, my only wish is that you keep in mind that you’re my primary source of information about Microsoft and IT news. So if you don’t write about something, I won’t know… πŸ™‚

    I prefer your own ideas, opinions and reviews – whatever it is that you talk about, I check your site every day. Keep up the good work!

  67. I think it would be best left as is. The key that has made your blog so successful (imo) is your unique writing style and the fact that you write about what interests you, and not some general category. The moment you start to write about topics that you’re not as interested in, is when you begin to lose your audience. Readers need to see motivation in blog posts. It’s your writing style and unique content that inspired me to start my own blog, and I wouldn’t want to see it change πŸ™‚

  68. @lucien:
    You should install IE8 and replace that link with a link to the RSS feed — that way the button will bold everytime something new is posted. πŸ™‚

  69. seems like new update to the site wasn’t that good as you wouldn’t be asking this ???

    well I don’t like the new site look much really… and the recent content hasn’t exactly been great, opinionated/critical and funny content works best.. couldn’t give a shit about old office prototypes..other than the ribbon everything else UI wise sucks about Office2007, and IE7/8 sucks dog balls even more, comparing IE to FF ui? pathetic.. go compare IE to M2 ui…compare features/ addons /speed in browsers show people what they are missing by being ignorant.

    need to go back to poking fun at MS product offerings, poor features and just general lack luster offerings.. I mean its not like its hard to see any of that.. you got a Vista, SP1// XP Sp3 to ridicule…the whole Live stuff bah… look at OS features and what needs improving… sure hell is a lot of stuff that MS do that could be done a hell of alot better!.. use your blog to bring these things to attention and get something done about!! you ain’t starting jackshit by just posting the current content you been posting.. perhaps you’ve gotten to close to Microsuck that you can’t take a critical stance at them anymore

    or perhaps poke fun at google / apple products/software etc πŸ™‚ that works aswel

  70. Post #100!

    Long – find it strange that your most popular blog entry is regarding how to make it a better blog? 😎

  71. What really draws me to your site, is the unique content, hi-res images and videos.

    If you keep things they way they are, that is even good!

    Definitely one of my favorite blogs.

  72. I like and read your blog for its humorous content, design and originality…don’t change that..once in a while write a serious and opinionated post ; ) ….please post more frequently….at least 1 article daily..and write posts that force arrogant companies to change their decisions…and keep the site’s design optimum for moderate resolutions (left pane is too large)….write about goodies and downloads which you find worthwhile and don’t keep it focussed more on design. : )

  73. @Long Zheng
    “You are the reader, so you get to choose”

    I disagree with that. My favourite articles of yours are when you let loose and give your honest opinion, good or bad, and elaborate on your feelings. Write what comes naturally to you and your readers will appreciate it whether or not they agree.

    Keep up the great work! Yours is one of my favourite blogs!

  74. hmm though this answer is not qualified by your questions, I suggest an efficient instant search feature like that of the apple website.

  75. I agree with others. Don’t dilute the value. Post as often as you can, but as long as that content is unique, which will make it worthwhile to come back to your blog regularly. Too many posts of lesser value will not give you any advantage. I can (and do) get that kind of general news at other sites. You commentary helps make it special. πŸ˜‰

  76. I install the bubblrs ,Ect screensavers,After wanting to have them removed,I did as you said “removing the REG KEY,But I have noticed that the diff Bubbles ,ect scrfiles remain in SYS32,and i can not change permissions on these file nor delete them,,any help pls

  77. Well one thing is for sure, if you make it highly opinionated, you are sure to get a lot of comments and responses and possibly even more page viewers. Thats just my opinion though.

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