Only in Japan: Pink Windows Vista

Windows Vista Home Premium Pink

What does Microsoft and Hello Kitty have in common? They both have products packaged in hot pink. As a special promotion for the Japanese market, an upgrade version of Windows Vista Home Premium is bundled with a year’s subscription of Windows Live OneCare and a copy of a Vista tips and tricks book. If that deal isn’t sweet enough, then you better know it comes in a pink box with little flower petals plastered all over. Imagine checking out of the electronic store with a copy of Crysis in one hand, and this in the other.

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  1. checking the fucking price … vista is a stinking rip off for that junk.. at least in asia you buy vista for what its really worth!

  2. thats what many companies did not understand (or still dont). you have to adapt ur product to the local markets. this package is maybe the perfect packaging for the specific target group. every us- or european-design could be a failure (could because asia is getting more and more westernized).

  3. this is really cool. but i prefer if they bundled Vista with office basic or H&S, it would’ve been quite a catch.
    anyways, i see 2500 and something in Japaneses. is this 2500 yens or what? 2500 yens = $25, this is not possible. could you please elaborate on it Long.

  4. well it’s hard to imagine that MS only plans to release 2500 copies in japan’s market, why should they bother do it?
    If marketing they’re after then they should release it on a wide scale.
    so the only logical explanation is the savings.

  5. i guess everything is comin up cherry blossoms…..and i can guarantee that kittens and rainbows are extra, and its not included with your “Ultimate Extras” as well, oh wait nuthin is included with your ultimate extras…lol

    thats sadly hilarious…


  6. They should have release Vista in color editions… imagine that!

    And you’d need both Vista Red and Vista Blue so you could catch all the Ultimate Extras!

  7. This is being released for the Sakura or ‘Cherry Blossom’ season, it’s a BIG event in Japan and just about everything that can possibly be branded with pink Sakura flowers and sold as part of season, is done so!

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  10. dude, the pink box should come to canada.
    i think thats totally cool.
    go vista, go!

  11. MMicro$oft should move to japan. The Harikari , YAY World!

    “Huh, Huh, He said BALLmer”

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