Internal Vista SP1 promo: “Rockin’ Our Sales”

Internal Microsoft videos just aren’t what they used to be with Utopian technologies and eye-candy special effects. This internal promotional video for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was apparently ‘leaked‘ by an unflattered employee who bluntly called it “stupid”. For those who doubt it’s authenticity (and I don’t blame you), Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer makes a pretty short but lasting appearance. (via Channel9 forums).

Update: CNET’s Charles Cooper claims the video is a spoof and I wouldn’t dispute that (but others have been saying its not a spoof), but regardless Microsoft spoofs have been in the past funnier and more blunt, for example the oPhone and redesigning the iPod packaging. This misses the mark.

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  1. with inspirational videos like that I am not surprised most Microsoft products feel stale and from yesterday

  2. Yep, I thought it wasn’t bad too. To me it seemed fun and well edited. I definitely liked it more than the clearification videos.

  3. That’s absolutely shameful!
    And what about that Bruce Springsteen kind of clone?
    Can’t believe it came from Microsoft…

  4. This video was made with the same care and effort as Vista. Sometimes Ballmer you might want to hire quality employees instead of cheap help.

  5. c’mon guys, can’t you recognize a funny when you see one?

    where’s your sense of humor?

    microsoft still knows how to laugh at itself once in a while

  6. @soum:

    I take that back. Microsoft has NO sense of humor/decency/any sense at all.

    That song is the Ultimate low. Sunidhi Chauhan & Microsoft (marketing) lost the ounce of respect I had for them.

  7. Did any of you even stop think, “hey, maybe this was internal for a reason” before criticizing its pants off?

  8. Well, I actually liked it. “And you saw lots of sales”. If this was on television, holey this would be a long commercial.

  9. oops. you’ve been taken it. check out the piece. it was a spoof. maybe somebody should have checked with microsoft before going off.

  10. You should see the other videos we spend money on – they are funny too. The are not intended to be, but they are.

  11. @dave henderson: It probably is a spoof, but it’s still a real video produced by Microsoft internally which is what I suggested.

  12. uhm long, this site of yours look boring just like yourself. and if the video was a serious production, then it would have fitted you. im no MS fun but this video was made for fun. dont you get it, those MS boys like to spoof and make fun of themselves. you sir, should get a sense of humour… and maybe you’ll get more people to go to your site.

    and now on the video, i really found this vid funny. 😀 hahahaha. they guys look awful, i bet mr. long zheng looks worse.

  13. why the guy has a vista without aero on his pc? doesnt microsoft itself support aero? 😛

  14. I got a little over half way through and started this response to post. …I have to leave…. …I puked in my mouth a little. Now it’s on me, cause a little more came up.
    Piss poor. These are the kind of things people do when someone says “keep going – there’s no cliff to fall off – the road keeps going.”
    Ignorance within the system. “Fat and greedy” Americans… feeding upon themselves quite literally in every economically unsound way – in which MS has turned its OS’s into. The customer does not come first. Hardware requirements do.
    Defiant ignorance will not prevail. In history, empires have fallen – and so will the ignorant.

  15. Well, I liked it. Like some here I think it was intentionally full of jargon and corniness.

  16. “others are saying it is not a spoof”.

    Really, who? (That would be in a position to know.)

  17. @Namronia, they don’t support Aero because they’re using Intel graphics chips 😉 (the ones that were stamped vista ready but weren’t REALLY)

  18. meh. i cant really complain.
    i mean, dont get me wrong. its dumb.
    but i have no doubt in my mind that this video is a spoof.
    its so, immature and unproffesional.
    definately not a microsoft ad.

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