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Holy cow. If you thought Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate was divine, wait till you see this. A Korean religious goods internet retailer appropriated called “GODpeople Mall” is now selling a version of Microsoft Office 2007 they call the Microsoft Church Package. Below is the ad from their website illustrating the product.

I don’t understand any Korean so I won’t be able to interpret their description of the product which I’m sure makes a lot of sense, but the bible does not seem to come with the package which is a bit of a shame. On the same note, not too sure how Visio fits in the picture. Having said that, the bottom illustration indicates a price discount of an almost sinful 90%.

Having had a quick look on the Microsoft Korea website, I couldn’t find any references to this package so it is my assumption that this has not been officially endorsed but a mere bundle put together by retailer. Smart move nevertheless.

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  1. I just love the picture of that grinning guy. Can’t they put him in those generic happy people shots you see when installing Visual Studio?

  2. Notice what he is holding in his hand. “Korean English”.
    Referring to the bundle “This is … weird”

  3. The Holy Sku…awesome. Great stuff 😛

    It does look like a retailer specific package though, but awesome stuff nonetheless 🙂

  4. Seems a bit pointless, all that software’d be wasted on my local parish church. They churn out a newsletter using Word once a week. That’s as far as computer usage goes.

    Kinda unrelated, but am I the only one that thinks the Vatican website ( is in need of an update? Their “New search engine” has been new for years. Expression Web (pictured above) might come in handy.

  5. One of the lines coming from the Office logo isn’t pointing to the Holy Bible, so I guess thats not included.

  6. I like how the Bible doesn’t reflect on the shiny table top. Apparently, not event the Word of God shines as brightly as the Microsoft Office Church Package.

  7. Hey long,

    I had my friend who’s Korean translate it for me:

    Title: “Microsoft Church Package Promotion for Small Churches”
    Content: “The korean microsoft has prepared the Microsoft Church Package in order to help digitalize smaller churches. This package is useful for all basic operations and is presented in a discounted manner. “

  8. I’m guessing that fellow’s teeth are supposed to scare Satan right outta you or something, because it’s sure working on me.

    Chomp chomp!

  9. Sorry for putting this comment here in this thread.
    Congrats to Long for winning the Imagine Cup 2008 (Software Design) !!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s a great achievement. Well done. Congrats to his team mates also.

  10. I’m going to join Vasudev – I saw the news and came straight here- Well done!!!

  11. Hey Long….read you site for a long time. Maybe uh let people know you’re going to stop posting for extended periods? Some people check your page every day, if not more to see what’s up.

  12. Hey Long,

    I check your website daily…. Your blog was down for quite a long number of days. what happen buddy? I hope everything is fine…….

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