Other cool Microsoft ads by B&M (of Mojave fame)

Everyone by now has probably heard of or looked at the Mojave experiment, a grassroots marketing campaign by Microsoft to combat the negative image around Windows Vista. Some like it, some people think it’s flawed, but whatever you think of it you have to admit it’s a pretty smart idea. “But why is it faster” is great advertising no matter how you look at it.

That’s where Bradley and Montgomery comes in. B&M is the advertising agency behind Mojave but this is not the first time they’ve worked with Microsoft. Here’s a few other nuggets from their portfolio.

An interactive print ad to demo the “previous versions” restore functionality in Windows Vista.

A witty and functional print ad for Windows Small Business Server.

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Video segments from a series of “not-so-serious” ads for Office Live.

I definitely like how these guys think.

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  1. i just finished seeing their full Microsoft portfolio. they are actually awesome. they did some campaigns i like a lot.

  2. Mojave is a failure. Period. I love the new ads but Mojave is just marketing crap. The noobs in the Mojave experiment didn’t have to go through driver troubles, periodic slow downs and many other problems like that.

  3. These ads are pretty good, I like the style.

    Those people couldn’t even touch Mojave! Maybe, if they had been given installation CDs, computers to install the system on and then be able to use it they would have said a different thing. This experiment doesn’t prove much.

    Unfortunately, I was fed up with Vista at one point and went back to XP. First I had to reinstall it because of crapware from HP. Then, I had problems with my usb modem. Another thing – after closing a process I could still see it in the process manager (not sure why). Vista has some great new functionality but at the same time I can’t do things that I have to do.

    … those people seem a bit weird btw: “Oh God, It’s Vista (unusal face expression). I love It! Now I see how awesome it is…” – I have never heard anything like this 🙂 (It can be ‘quite good’ though).

  4. The “experiment didn’t prove much” crowd misses the point of the Mojave ads; reevaluate Vista. Perhaps it should have been done scientifically, but there would still be people from the “experiment didn’t prove much” crowd saying that Microsoft did some part wrong making it invalid. The problem is that Vista is a good OS, but there is a cloud around it from various groups that would love to see Microsoft stumble, like Apple, the FSF, and a majority of the Linux community; in other words, the jealous are spreading lies and hypocrisy.

    For example; UAC is the same principle of least privilege that has been floating around in every other OS since who knows when. And yet it receives flack for doing about the same thing. That is the case of a lot of things that Microsoft does; they either implement a good idea and its trashed by the coalition of the jealous, or they don’t and are called inferior for not having feature X.

    You also have to remember that this isn’t the official super campaign by CP+B that we have been hearing about.

  5. The sunscreen ad looks like they are giving away a condom with it. Maybe its subliminal advertising for the increased virus protection in Vista?

  6. Love the ad’s!! Gee, I wonder if they’re real people?!?! lol

    I agree with Yert… the “experiment didn’t prove much” crowd just don’t understand or “get it”. The whole point about the “Mojave experiment” was to get across a message, that certain people’s perception of Vista is ah, “not correct”.

    The people in the videos said they did not like Vista. They would not upgrade to Vista… but put something in front of them that is not called Vista, let them use and they like it. Tell them its Vista and they change their perception of Vista.

    Mojave is not TV advertising or any advertising. It’s just videos released showing the above. Nothing more, nothing less. The real “Give Vista a second look” (or whatever its really called) advertising will start sooner or later.

    I like Vista, I use Vista and I recommend Vista. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Microsoft shares. I do not work for Microsoft. I also use OSX and Linux on a daily basis. I am not a shill. Its a sad day when people have to say these sorts of things!

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