Windows 7 EULA: watch this space

You have to hand it to those lawyers, always trying so hard to protect their mumbo jumbos. The placeholder page for the Windows 7 End User License Agreement is now live (and has been for at least 2 weeks).

There’s not much on the page yet, but all you privacy enthusiasts like myself should keep a close on this page to make sure no personal information is transmitted anywhere through previously unannounced functionality which may interest some technology enthusiasts who like that sort of stuff but not us because our privacy is priority Roman numeral I. Don’t you just hate it when all of your personal information just spills out on to the internets.

12 insightful thoughts

  1. Good enough but there’s really nothing much about you on your “about this site” page, I thinks you forgot a link back to your parents 🙂

  2. hell with that stuff. fix bugs, especially in windows mail, bring back the usuabiltiy that existed in winxp so it doesn’t take more clicks to do the same job, and focus on speed, not fluff.

  3. …. on a different note, the Windows sites now have a cleaner looking design versus the gaudy Vista styled pages.

  4. your blog feed (RSS) seems to be wrong and it does not work.

    by the way,i try to write to you by the email you left “” but i didn’t receive your reply mail.

  5. so by the looks of the webpage it looks like we will get a new version of windows media player afterall, i tell you, it needs updating

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