Microsoft Surface unboxed by Amnesia Australia

If you’ve ever fantasized about the day when you receive your delivery of the Microsoft Surface and the subsequent unboxing ceremony, then it’ll probably look something like this. Amnesia Group is a digital creative agency based in Australia, a subsidiary of Avenue A Razorfish who is a subsidiary of aQuantive now owned by Microsoft. Basically it’s like one big happy family with Surface hand-me-downs.

Up until now the Surface has only been deployed in a couple places outside of Microsoft – AT&T and Sheraton. These two are the first to come to down under and are probably also the first to be sold to non-retail customers. The guys at Amnesia spared no time to strip them from their packaging.

If you thought plastic clamshell packaging was tough, you’ll need a crowbar for this.

It’s interesting to see how there is even an instruction manual and neatly packaged as if this was a mass-production product, somewhat evidence the Surface team is really pushing this mainstream. However, they’ll probably have to work on the boxart before you’ll see the Surface for sale at your local Best Buys.

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  1. damn….thats better then getting your first bike when your 4….imagine sitting in your office with a crowbar and surface in front of you..pluggin it in for the first time would be euphoric!

    *giggles like a school girl 😛


  2. The box is actually made of a strong foam to resemble wood. It’s the latest fashion to compete against those iMac boxes. The “crowbar” is actually an optional accessory to enhance the believability of the “wooden box.”

    Haha, but seriously, they packaged those babies like I could just go down to my local Costco and grab one. Beats any cool unboxing I’ve done. Wow look, it even has some screen protector. I would have had so much fun boxing that up…

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