“Windows 7 Client” drivers now available

A day after someone noticed a “Windows 7 Client” category popping up on Windows Server Update Services, another curious enthusiast on the Neowin forums has also noticed a sudden prevalence of “Windows 7 Client” drivers on Microsoft’s Update Catalog – the online library of drivers which Windows uses to automatically install.

A simple search for “Windows 7 Client” reveals more than 1000 drivers already available. These drivers range from the big brands from Nvidia, ATI, Intel and Broadcom to even miscellaneous display drivers. Whilst it is true all drivers approved after June 1 should have been tested on Windows 7, most of these drivers date back to early 2007 suggesting most drivers have just been carried over from the latest WHQL release.

With updates in one hand and drivers in the other, can you say beta test?

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  1. How much did the driver model change between vista and 7? These could just be vista drivers that got tested on 7, verified, signed, and pushed down the pipe.

  2. The driver model was only supposed to change a little bit this time, just small improvements on the whole, much like in a typical release (Vista had massive changes).

    This also poses more questions, like, “Did Microsoft finalize the driver model on 7?” It would be hard to tell at this point, and without Sinofsky talking about community news breaking, we might not know until the OS is RTM.

    A bigger question still would be, “Where does Long find all this stuff?”

  3. It is probably also to ease the installation of the beta (to have drivers installed with windows updates) in preparation of an “more open beta test”.

  4. Yesterday evening MS Update team posted new entry:

    “Yesterday a new product category for Windows 7 Client was published to Windows Update and was made available to WSUS (another one for Windows 7 Server should be appearing soon as well). As with all of our other new product categories, this is for Microsoft teams who are publishing Windows 7 beta drivers/updates in the near future. In the future, we’ll try to let you know about new categories ahead of time.”

    So it is no so surprising after all 😛

  5. Really??? I do agree with yert… I have tried 7 and seems nothing wrong on the vista driver.. So might just a bit chages… Hey !!! F#$K of… where did he find all of those!!! i wont wait till it october…

  6. The Intel USB Serial Bus Controllers for Windows 7 give a problem code 43. The USB hardware is not working correct. Not any USB port is working. I use the Logitech VX Nano mouse. This is the second time and I have to install Windows 7 ”clean”, to get the drivers right again. The ‘”Vista”‘ drivers look rather outdated.

  7. I’m looking for video driver for EEE1000HE. I love windows 7, and installed from a USB key, but my graphics are set to 1000×600 and this appears to be the sharpest available to me now. I would like to set my graphics to 1000×768 but it is not possible right now. Seems I’m missing a driver for the video or something.

  8. i cannot install realtek rtl8187 wireless lan connection…does anybody help me about this….please i love windows 7

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