TechEd Australia 2008 Day 1

Microsoft’s TechEd Australia 2008 kicked off today in Sydney’s Darling Harbour Convention Centre. From morning to afternoon there were two Student Day keynotes for high school and university students respectively. In the evening, the delegates were officially welcomed in an opening party with free booze and finger food that dissolves before it reaches your mouth. Here’s a couple photos.

Amongst all the presentations, Joe Wilson – the academic evangelist for Microsoft had the most interesting one technically. Instead of Powerpoint, Joe used a custom-built WPF application that mashed together pre-rendered video and live-rendered animations. The photos doesn’t do it justice. Joe also officially announced DreamSpark for Australian students.

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  1. Hi Long, it was nice chatting with you and your teammates at Student Day. It was great to see Joe coming here to speak in Australia.
    Hope your team enjoy the stay at Sydney!
    P.S. The year in the title fast-forwarded by 1 year. 🙂

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