New Zune promo video is ad worthy

[flv:zune_attract.flv 368 480]

Found this on the new Zune website’s frontpage. It’s a promotional video showing off the new Zune experience in just under 90 seconds featuring pretty slick graphics, a groovy soundtrack and explains all the cool (new) features of the Zune pretty well. Plus some sort of trippy origami thing going on in the back too. If you ask me, perfect for an TV ad, with some obvious production changes of course. For example, I don’t think anyone has a 6:19 ratio television.

Side note, does anyone know what the song is called? Thanks to Rafael for pointing out the song is “Wanna be a Star” by Walter Meego as flashed in the video at about 12 seconds in.

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  1. @Marijan: thank you for the tip. However, even supposing that the only available model on that website is the one I want (and isn’t), as far as I know, the market place wouldn’t work outside US. I just don’t understand why MS is so silly to miss that market, really. I think I would give a try (especially after my experience with two iPod), but I’m so disappointed, that probably, when the zune will be released in EU (if ever), I’ll buy from some other brand.

  2. They did an excellent work there, and also on the new software IMHO.

    On an unrelated note, are you able to use the Zune Social by changing the regional language settings? Because since the 2.5 upgrade tracks don’t upload to the social (in neither of my PCs, one with XP and another with Vista).

  3. Awesome video! I think Zune really has it going for them.

    I would definitely chose a Zune Flash over a Nano or a Zune Hard drive over the Classic. Too bad they don’t have anything to beat the touch.

    However I think that if they added web browsing on the hard drive model it would be a start…the screen’s nice and big, nice touchpad navigation, and the WiFi is already there.

  4. Great ad, really shows the Zune’s innovation. However the text should of been on top of the animation, as my eyes were darting up and down the hole time trying to catch everything that was going on. Where if the text was ontop, I could see everything without scanning like crazy.

  5. Microsoft Has relley wowed me with the Zune , to bad i cant buy one in melb D:

    so watch apples crappy market share fail…

  6. Just asking, do they start restrict oversea users accessing the marketplace?

    My marketplace tab has disappeared!

  7. Thank God!!! some made a comment about the song, I was breaking my back just to know the name, Nice song for the ad and In general.

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