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  1. What is with the “I run Linux” in the top right corner of the second image? seems like someone is trying to make fun of a great advertisement campaign. Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that they aren’t bashing like the apple (*shiver*) adds.

  2. It’s probably because you have highlighted the Mac guy first, try to make the PC’s users big and a mac boy hidden somewhere in a small room. πŸ™‚

  3. “On 18th of February 2007, more than two years ago…”

    I think I must’ve slept through a few months or something :S.

    But seriously, great comic, and a great ad from Microsoft.

  4. Hey Long,
    It’s probably a bit late but ever since you did these 2 pictures, I’ve been meaning to tell you you should redo the first one (the one with the Mac) with, like, a dozen of those guys (instead of just one), all dressed almost the same. It would emphasize the fact Macs are all the same, and prevent people from thinking your point is about numbers.

  5. “Long is in Australia, which is a year ahead of us.”

    Ahead of you maybe, but I’m in Australia too πŸ˜‰

  6. I really liked this ad. It’s obviously a response to the inflammatory Mac ads but is good-natured and doesn’t belittle anyone. It also says to me that PC users aren’t looking to forge some kind of identity with the products they buy – they’re just regular people who need a tool to complete a job. I kind of find this ad inspirational. Good show, MS.

  7. Yeah, I’ve been using a modified version of your Southpark pic as my wallpaper (thanks for the PSD files!)

    When I saw the ads, the wallpaper came right into view. In fact why didn’t they just pay you that million and then you can make a south park animated version!

  8. Even worse, they paid for an ad campaign that isn’t “Original” but rather a response to an ad campaign that began over 2 years ago…

  9. Those two pictures are giving me a negative idea !
    PC is crowded –> ok
    Mac Stands out from the crowd, Unique and different –> LOL !

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