4 Softies and a Pizza Guy: PDC boyband

If you’re a fan of the Backstreet Boys, then this is right up your alley. In fact, so far up you probably can’t see the corner looking back and even feral cats dare not go where you are going. I think you catch my drift.

There’s a new boyband in town and they’re called “4 Softies and a Pizza Guy” and this is their debut music video “PDC 2008“. This is certainly not safe for work or anywhere where someone might see you watching this. You have been warned.

Just to be clear, they are not kidding around with their name. Four of them are Microsoft employees – Tina (who briefly appear as the psychedelic woman figure and not officially part of the band) and Max are from evangelism, Brian is from Windows Mobile, Yochay is a Windows Technical Evangelist and Paul works on SQL. The pizza dude, well, Parker really owns a Pizza parlor. How did he get there? There was suppose to be a 5th Microsoft person who dropped out (and now regrets his shot at stardom), but was replaced last second by the pizza guy.

If someone else, not yourself, asks where you can find out more about this phenomenon, you can direct them to visit their MySpace or Facebook profile. Behind the scenes photos are also available.

Finally a fun fact about the video. The discs they are holding (and teasing) are real DVDs with an actual build of Windows 7 on them. If someone catches you watching this video, just tell them you were researching Windows 7 as an excuse.

After watching the video, if for some reason if you suddenly have the urge to attend PDC 2008, you can register here. The rumor is the band will be playing live at the opening party. Nah I’m just kidding. Or am I. “I can’t wait.”

13 insightful thoughts

  1. hahahahahaha Microsoft spoof videos are funny! It’s nice to see they can poke fun at themselves. Although I don’t like the song. Wouldn’t wanna be caught watching it!

  2. I missed my chance at stardom! :'( πŸ™‚

    The entire Channel 9 dev team was asked to be in the “band”. We declined. Now we’re crying ourselves to sleep at night!

    But seriously, the right guys got the job! πŸ˜€

  3. …*sigh*

    Seriously. wtf is in charge of making these?

    The intro ‘rap’ song for TechEd 2007, Devsta, and this… seriously, they need to be taken out the back and shot.

    Microsoft: FFS, Stop doing this, it’s not funny – it’s sad.

  4. Seriously, guys. You need to *please* stop doing these. They just add to the terrible image of Microsoft.
    Again, please stop.

  5. Oh come on guys give me a break, Let them have their fun. It’s great publicity. Get a Life!!!

  6. “4 softies and pizza guy” its a pretty good shot, entertaining and funny and dare i say it kinda catchy πŸ™‚ now if they do more funny tunes, I’d get it just to give it to a girl for a bday present, I’m sure it will go down well πŸ˜€ good for laugh anyway. Tina usually does some interesting comedy stuff for MS, I think this is better than the brain sketch for PDC.

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