PDC 2008 sessions scheduler / timeline live

If you’re going to Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference 2008 in a couple of weeks and would like to fool yourself that you are an organized individual, then you might want to check out the just launched sessions scheduler / timeline complete with session rooms and timeslots. There’s also a nice iCal and HTML export functionality to fool your friends too. You will need to log in with your Live ID to access the scheduler.

My current pick of sessions, let me show you them.

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  1. @Matt: You mean from Microsoft? Well all the keynotes I’m assuming will be broadcasted live and recorded via webcast. Usually sessions will also be recorded and available via webcast a couple months later.

  2. @Long: That’s good news. I am looking forward to seeing what interesting stuff will be announced and discussed at PDC. And perhaps even get hold of the latest Win 7 build ;-D

  3. @Matt and @Long,

    To my understanding all PDC 2008 sessions will be available within 24 hours in channel9.

    Hope this helps,

  4. For those following at home we’ll have lots of great content for you.

    – You will be able to watch day one and two keynotes via http://www.MicrosoftPDC.com (lean back experience) and they all will be available on demand via Channel 9 in about 24 hours.

    – We’ll strive to have the individual sessions online on Channel 9 (http://channel9.msdn.com) within 24 hours. You’ll use the timeline view mention above in Long’s post to browse the sessions and each one will link back to a page on Channel 9.

    – The homepage of Channel 9 will be alive with behind the scenes videos (think directors cut of the PDC) for all the key stuff where go deep, connect the dots and show the demos too.

    Should be fun to watch at home.

  5. Wow! Awsum! Here I was, lying sleepless thinking about which keynotes/lectures you were going to attend at PDC – and now I can read it all on that list! You’ll be sure to post it on twitter too, right? I follow it religiously ^_^

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