PDC 2008 starts from Monday 8:30am


Hello all from the Los Angeles Convention Center. Just a reminder six other Microsoft bloggers – Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley, Kip Kniskern, Rafael Rivera, Paul Thurrott, Tom Warren and I will be liveblogging all four keynotes. Join us for that on this site at Monday 27 October at 8:30am. If you’re more of an audiovisual person then check out microsoftpdc.com for livestream webcasts.

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  1. You guys should blog everything else that goes down too.

    Also, I would like to see the livestream WITH the live blogging. Any news on where a mashup will be for those of us like me?

  2. Grrr…

    I’m just about 400 miles north of all this (I’m in the SF Bay Area)! I wish I had the money and time to attend PDC.

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