Live from PDC08: Q&A

Originally this was scheduled to be a liveblog of the third keynote, but it’s very much business/developer oriented and I don’t think will be much relevance to the audience here. What we’re doing instead is a live questions & answers sessions with anyone who would like to ask questions about PDC08, Windows 7, Office 14, Live Frameworks and anything else.

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  1. after that abysmal keynote, you guys are claiming exclusives? You’ve already been beaten by others to Win7.

  2. Alex Jaimes – what an odd comment..

    I would just like to say how much i appreciate the hard work you – and the other bloggers in the group – have done. i reallly appreciate it. i have had a much better understanding /perspective of everything now that i’ve had you guys all tapping away with info as i watched the live stream. the q&a was also useful. thanks again. it must be quite exhausting doing all of this.

  3. I had a question – What are they doing about DRM? And gaming performance? If that [email protected]#$ slowing Vista down tine DRM department being removed? Haven’t heard anything about that.

    But I’m with William, thanks for all the coverage!!

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