Microsoft Boku at PDC 2008

For everyone who hasn’t seen Boku before, this is a Microsoft Research developed game for the XBOX 360 (and presumably PC too) aimed at kids to teach them about programming via a entertaining and casual manner.

The last time this was shown was at TechFest in 2007 where it was still in pre-beta. Today at the last keynote of PDC 2008, Boku was shown again in a more advanced state. It looks several folds better and seemed to be a lot of fun. Check out this gallery of screenshots I took.

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  1. Microsoft Boku actually means in Turkish Microsoft`s S**t. I think it`s been a poor naming for Microsoft, even though Xbox has not entered Turkish market yet and Turkey has not been a target market.

  2. Do you mean that you have windows 7
    do you have trial sotware for the people to try at home for free do how windows 7 product work

    sent me the new software if you have it in the market

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    703-1330 Harwood Street
    Vancouver, B.C.
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