Windows 7 t-shirts on eBay: build not included

If you really like Windows 7, and I do mean really like, then you might be interested in these “Windows 7” t-shirts. These look different to the ones Microsoft staff were wearing at PDC08 which was just the Windows logo embossed – these however feature a stylized version of the internal Windows 7 logo screen printed on the side making it still somewhat authentic.

The green one is gently worn, both extra large (so that rules me out). Now bidding from $6.99 on eBay. The seller seems to be quite the merchandise collector.

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  1. Seems OK. I loved the one worn by Ori Amiga during the Live Mesh demo. Black in color, the T-shirt style is smart and it has a big Mesh or now Live Services logo at the back.

  2. Wont Say is right– these are authentic. My husband got a green one. I think they gave different colors to different parts of the Windows group. I’ve seen a dark red one as well.

    Looking at the seller’s merchandise I’d guess he works for one of those companies who makes logoware for other companies like MS, or he has access to their leftovers.

  3. seems like sumthin you would find at a fleamarket, being sold by those shifty folks trying to sell their homemade silkscreened goods as authentic….although i really like these at the same time, not sure if it is sumthin i would look to ebay for…


  4. I’m the seller of these shirts. Like most sellers I shop thrift stores for the things I sell on eBay. My second stop every week is a thrift store in Redmond, WA. Ring any bells? I find all sorts of (authentic, you naysayers) Microsoft employee shirts there. You don’t think the employees actually want to wear them once the event is over, do you? 🙂

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