HP Magic Giveaway contest schedule

Starting from today, three of the fifty participating blogs will be accepting entries for the jaw-dropping HP and Microsoft $6000 Magic Giveaway contest. This is not your average mousepad and a sticker giveaway, the prizepool includes a multi-touch PC, two laptops, a netbook, a printer, a media server and software. Suffice to say if you win this, it will make your Christmas and hopefully others around you too.

For the best chances of winning, make sure you visit each of the fifty blogs during their 7-day contest period. To make it easy for you to follow along, here are dates of all the blogs in fancy Google Calendar form and downloadable ICS format.

The competition on this site starts on Tuesday, December 2nd.

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  1. The day I list in the calendar is their “start date”. Each blog’s competition will run for 7 days after the start date.

  2. thank you Long 🙂 … I haven’t found it yet on Gear Live and Windows Connected…. I wish I get one of the package because I really need luck once in my life !
    I hope I’ll be able to do it for the 50 sites

  3. Strange yea, two of the sites didn’t start yet… they haven’t even listed their start date, so I think they don’t know that they’re meant to begin today…

    Great stuff though


  4. sweet always love your calenders…
    These are complex–the thoughts on poetic and tech thing is pretty complicated–not gonna win anyway so I don’t think I’ll waste my time with that one.

  5. Neowin started theirs, and its not good. You have to create a logo and there will be 8 winners, each will win one price depending on how good their image is. and the 25″ touch smart isnt included (agenst contest rules from hp?)

  6. ^^ The Touchsmart’s given away for charitable purposes, they aren’t keeping it for themselves. What’s wrong with that?

  7. Nothing. I’m all for that. But I just see it as a bit un fair that you have to create a logo, be judge by it and what ever place you fall under you win that one prize,(last place wins a that panda dvd) where almost everyone else is giving the entire package to you, or even letting you chose where the prize(s) go (for charity, family member, friend etc)

    I’m not being greedy, i’m just saying its unfair that they are spereading the entire contest out with out letting the person chose.. its like they think they know what we would do before we do it.

    Not to menton the 25″ touch smart not bing part of it. Agenst HP rules?

    then again, neowin is a site full of snobs and wanna be techs so… if their server burns down, wonder how people will manange

  8. Ah so now I *finally* have a valid reason for taking spanish in high school–so that I can enter these contests on spanish sites! (No disrespect intended spanish speakers)

  9. @Brad of course, how else would I do my homework? ;)….just trying to find a bit of justification when learning Chinese would make more sense right now(but it’s not offered, so I’m stuck taking espanol)

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