Microsoft sells standalone Windows Vista (RED): Dec 15

It looks as if Microsoft’s customized version of Windows Vista Ultimate for the PRODUCT RED project is no longer exclusive to Dell as it was announced earlier this year in January. Amazon recently began listing a product titled “Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 Upgrade (Project Red Edition)” to be released on December 15, 2008. The Dell version of Vista RED came with 6 wallpapers, screensaver, two sidebar gadgets and a Dreamscene, all of which has since been posted to many downloading websites.

As some of the RED customizations in the Dell computers were specifically branded for Dell, I’d imagine there could be some newer additions to this package to make it worth while, but then again, Ultimate Extras has taught us how little can be done.

At a retail price of $219.95, twenty dollars off the recommended retail price of $239.99 for Vista Ultimate but seventy dollars more expensive than Amazon’s sale price of $149.99 has me a little concerned how poorly this will do in such economic times. On the other hand, giving a PRODUCT RED gift definitely scores you karma points.

Update: The official PRODUCT RED website confirms this and also indicates a couple new wallpapers has been added to the mix.

Update 2: Students are also able to take advantage of a special offer to buy Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) for $64.95 at The Ultimate Steal.

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  1. I wonder if the proceedings from this will be donated to Project Red. I hope they give 🙂 as Microsoft seems to be in a mood to give (Read: HP Magic Giveaway Contest).

  2. The proceeds from the (RED) campaign are supposed to go toward raising money for AIDS research. I’m not sure what percentage Microsoft actually donates toward this (but given its philanthropic history, probably a lot).

    With Windows 7 around the corner, I don’t think computer users (who haven’t upgraded already by now) will choose to upgrade to Vista for over $200. They’ll just wait for Windows 7.

  3. “Students are also able to take advantage of a special offer to buy Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) for $64.95”

    In america, yes.

  4. ““Students are also able to take advantage of a special offer to buy Windows Vista Ultimate (RED) for $64.95”

    In America… and it’s for the UPGRADE.:

    “Windows Vista® Ultimate (PRODUCT)RED Upgrade

  5. Yeah… and unfortunately only a few of the ‘Ultimate Steal’ websites (US/UK/Canada/Spain/France) offer even the regular Vista Ultimate Upgrade deal. I was tempted to buy a copy through the US website with my .edu address, but then I read about having to pay back to remainder of the retail price when busted by Microsoft 😛

  6. I just wish that they would offer the student discounted price in the Australian “It’s Not Cheating” We where one of the first to get the discounted office but we still dont get this. 🙁

    Lets just hope the deals find there way downunder someday.

  7. Well, since world-wide, diarrhea kills 10 people for every person AIDS kills I should hope that Microsoft releases the Vista “Yellow” edition soon.

  8. I downloaded the red upgrade and it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money with the “ulitmate steal” it’s nothing but problems. Trying to get my money back now.

  9. it seems that the RED project is everywhere, personally i rather the limited edition RED hardware like zunes etc… then you get something tangible and your helping the cause.

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