Start Windows (video)

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At the Mobile World Congress a month ago, Microsoft began rebranding the Windows Mobile family as simply Windows and Windows Phones. At the center of this branding campaign was this new “Start something, Start Windows” metaphor that was used in many of the video materials. Visually it looked pretty cool so I began tracking down a higher-quality video to share, and I found that today on the Windows Mobile Facebook page of all places.

For those of you playing along at home, the different activities include discovering, experiencing, remembering, succeeding, finding, flirting, impressing, giggling, learning, loving, sharing, joining, blogging, browsing, juggling, buying, chatting, caring, expressing and capturing.

I for one have never juggled infront of my Windows PC but I guess one should always try new things.

Finally, if you have that thought in the back of your head “where have I seen this before”, you’re not alone.

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  1. Very nice, and I agree that it looks like the menu of Microsoft Zune.

    The video gave me some “clean”, “great” feeling.

  2. Hi, could anyone tell me, where I could find a wallpaper simmilar to the “Start windows” in the beginning and end of the video ? Thx for replies

  3. @Donovan West

    If I remember correctly, they did use it at one point as a similar service to back in 2005.

  4. Note the World Trade Towers at :54 and :55 seconds. They were also in the background of a movie I just saw, Die Hard With a Vengeance, released in 1995.

    Never forget.

  5. Nice, but poor… it can promote Linux or something 😉
    Sound is not synchronised with video, and animations are too slow… Ergh.

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