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  1. Some of the ugliest furniture is also the most expensive. It’s amazing how trendy it is to have ugly things.

    I have played with Microsoft Surface several times and while it is still expensive I can totally see it in the average home. The biggest thing (as always) is going to be price.

  2. I know a lot of people are bagging the surface table. While I don’t believe that we will ever see one of these babies in our living rooms I do think it’s a great exploration into technology. I am pretty sure we will see one or two of the details used in the Surface in one way or another in other applications at some stage in the not to distant future…

  3. It seems they deleted their original article after a guy from Microsoft called them… LOL

    It has now been replaced with a new post written in Surface’s defence. This is not only totally unprofessional of them, but also makes me wonder what actually happened behind the curtains. Were they threatened or bribed or something?

  4. @ gm: No offense meant but that article was terrible. I mean, come on, a search engine as microsoft.com. Not practical

  5. OutOfTimer they the author of the article wrote a long post bitching about surface & how terrible it was to setup only to find out they bought the wrong version. The purchased they deploy-able version for those already trained in setting up surface systems when they should have bought the training package (in short they were idiots) and they bought the system for a client of theirs.

    This was then leapt on by various anti-ms sites and popular news sites with apple bias and proceeded to flame the hell out of surface, someone from MS saw the article and contacted them informing them of their mistake in buying the wrong package.

    No-one threatened or bribed them but it made them and their company look very foolish if not amateurish to make such a mistake and so they pulled the blog post and replaced it explaining their fuck up.

  6. @ war: I read the original article and it is clear that Microsoft ****ed up. They even phoned the customer service and were told to wait so the operator checks where the power cord is plugged in. ROFL The manual is a total joke, too. What the **** is rhodamine? However, you may be right that they made their company look foolish and Microsoft ain’t gonna forget that article. So basically yes, they’re pretty ****ed.

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