The Apprentice Australia: Win a Windows 7 Sony Vaio laptop and digital camera


Furthering the barrage of Windows 7 promotions on Australia’s television network Nine, the operating system made a special appearance on the Australian wanna-be-version of “The Apprentice” TV show this evening as part of a competition for the contestants to design a television advertisements.

If you’ve missed the thrilling hour of egos and tension, then be glad Microsoft didn’t go with either of the campaigns pitched which to be fair was conceptualized, directed and edited in just a single day.

On a related note, Nine in collaboration with Microsoft is hosting a competition on the show’s website to give away a Windows 7 Sony Vaio X-series laptop and Sony 10mp digital camera.

Unfortunately to enter you will have to put on a thinking cap and come up with your own idea for a Windows 7 ad. It’s stated in the terms and conditions entries will be judged on creativity, humor and originality, so don’t bother with “Windows 7 was my idea”. Entries close Sunday, 29 November.

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  1. Microsoft’s aim for Window’s 7 is to promote simplicity. My Window’s 7 as would emphasise the simple handling of the new software, by contrasting it with the increasing complexity of society. The start of the ad would shoot scenes portraying the evolution of society, from tadpoles, to monkeys, to cavemen, to the formation of humans and the current complex and busy lifestyles. These scenes would then be contrasted with scenes showing how Microsoft software is progressively becoming simpler. Microsoft 7 is simpler than Vista, correcting many complaints through catering to the ‘wants’ of society. I don’t think it should be explicitly mentioned that Windows 7 is easier to use than Vista(as this may result in reminding the audience of any resentment towards Microsoft-as Vista had a bit of negative feedback). The ad should however promote the improvement that Windows 7 makes to Microsoft’s advancements. Microsoft software therefore in this ad, goes from complex to simple, to cater for evolution, which goes from simple to complex. Microsoft caters for the hussle and bussle of your life – “We know your life is evolutionary” that’s why “Windows 7 is revolutionary” “Imagine what’s next”.
    Perhaps this idea could also be the basis for following ads – which will subsequently bring windows 7 into the past (caveman times)….for example: show one caveman making fire and then it rains and puts it out…and then another caveman who makes the fire in his cave with a laptop next to him checking the weather by the touch screen feature. “Imagine if they had it then!”

  2. Revolutionary? I don’t think so. Their slogan should be one step behind you and the other OS interfaces.

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