Windows Phone 7 Series emulator demo screencast: Internet Explorer

[flv:wp7s-ie.mp4 670 585]

The Windows Phone 7 Series emulator is out now and here’s a second look at what’s in it (although there isn’t much out of the box to explore).

This screencast takes a look at the Internet Explorer application and its capabilities in the WP7S emulator, although I can’t confirm if this indeed the same build of IE on actual device – it feels inferior. A quick ACID test reveals a test score of only 5, but a more real life example of it rendering this blog shows it’s very much capable of displaying modern websites.

2 insightful thoughts

  1. I hate that keyboard. If I could design it…it’s no good. Also, has anyone used the ZuneHD? The bulging letter UI, I thought looked really cool compared to what they have on WP7.

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