Windows Phone 7 Series emulator demo: Settings

[flv:wp7s-settings.mp4 670 585]

The Windows Phone 7 Series emulator is out and here’s a first hand look at what you can do, change the phone’s settings! The emulator ROM coming in at approximately 75MB allows for a limited number of activities outside of testing your WP7S applications.

This screencast takes a look at the Windows Phone 7 Series settings panel including some options related to the themes – yes you can change it to white instead of black, regional settings and date. There also seems to be a placeholder for managing apps, but due to the lack of any, it’s not entirely clear how it works.

5 insightful thoughts

  1. Wow, changing the language is a TOTAL deal-maker for me. This is epic. No more flashing ROMs of a particular language!

  2. The ability to change language will be defined by the installed ‘available languages’ wouldn’t it?
    Some Manufacturers may simply only have English available in their ROMs then..

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