The Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specifications and Samsung device preview

The Windows Phone 7 Series hardware specifications have been officially detailed at the first Microsoft MIX10 WP7S session including but not limited to the capabilities of capacitive touch, sensors, camera, multimedia processing, memory, GPU, CPU and display resolution.

In the same presentation Joe Belfiore also took the time to thank ASUS, finally revealing that they are the manufacturers of the prototype device which Microsoft is using at its various events.

Furthermore Joe also give a sneak peek of a new previously unannounced Windows Phone 7 Series slate device by Samsung, highlighting the high-quality 5.0mp camera on the device.

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  1. With the Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft has created innovative and beautiful user interface. I do not however, see the connection between its mobile and desktop softwares user interface designs. I think Windows needs a dramatic overhaul, in the light of changes made to Microsofts mobile operating system. The “Metro” UI is simply brilliant, I can see how it’s somewhat derived from Windows Media Center.

  2. Once again. Microsoft are not supplying enough memory in their devices and u don’t mean just to store music. Us business users need lots of memory for huge outlook accounts (Microsoft will not let you store this on a card at the moment.)
    256 mb of ram is rubbish. By the time you have syncs your outlook, downloaded loads of apps, go onto YouTube, download your emails etc the device will as usual say “memory low”. I don’t get why Microsoft don’t get this most simple and fundamental point.
    I have had to change to the iPhone because it has all the memory I need.
    Microsoft get your act together and supply us with at least a 60gb memory which we cab store everything on. If you do this the business users um sure will start coming back to you again.

  3. @ Gaza

    Ok wow dude you are obviously not familiar with windows mobile phones. First of the 256 is mainly for OS purposes which you shouldn’t be using alot of anyway. All apps, youtube vids, emails and syncs can be downloaded to the “My Storage” partition of the device, which Microsoft requires to be 8gb minimum. Also windows mobile phones are some of the most highly customizable and tweakable phones on the market. I hope with 7 they dont change that one bit. As for microsoft not allowing you to store it to a card, thats where registry tweaks or seperate apps come in handy, and neither of those void any warranties.

  4. Just acquired a Mythic for myself and will be obtaining one particular for my wife soon! It has just the correct mix of capabilities. just short of the total smartphone. I’m preserving an eye for the Captivate for a prospective long term cell phone…price ranges are way too substantial when released. I’ve been in great tech for 20+ many years and basically hack every little thing I own to make it greater laptops, GPS, automobile navigation techniques, etc. and yes cell phones too. Inside the handful of days I’ve owned the cellphone I have already installed Opera Mini, Bolt 2.1, freecaddie, Google Maps w/GPS functionality, deleted all locked unproductive apps right after backing them up and fully modified the menu system to my exact requirements devoid of all ineffective apps.

  5. One important point that @gaza makes is about the storage of Outlook email on Outlook Mobile – if it’s true that Outlook Mobile cannot store email accounts (PST files) on external storage cars, this is big issue. I don’t need to have full download sync of all 1-2GB of Exchange / Outlook email accounts I regularly use, but I will most probably need more than 256MB of storage for it.

    Anyone willing to clarify?

  6. @Robin (mainly) and Gaza
    That’s 256MB of RAM not storage. Look at kane’s post. It has a minimum of 8GB flash memory. Which is more than you would ever need for storing those PST files and such. The flash memory is the storage area that files get saved to, while RAM is the amount of bandwidth (per say) that the device is capable of utilizing in order to multi-task and store temporary files that need to be referenced/accessed. So storing 1-2GB of data won’t be a probably not to mention (hopefully fingers crossed) that the device might have a MicroXD slot in it which you can just get your own cards for to expand the savable memory.

  7. i think many changes should be done in the media sector and it price should be 500.60$

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