Windows Phone 7 Series: the phone also works

In the first of many Windows Phone 7 Series sessions here at Microsoft MIX10, Joe Belfiore showed off more details of the phone operating system that hasn’t been shown publically before.

Obviously being a phone, one point of focus was the actual calling experience. Making a call brings up an overlay that sits on top of the previous screen faded out, a nice touch over replacing the entire screen to provide some context of what you were looking at, a related email for example.

Those wondering where the usual status icons are – cell signal and provider name for example – it turns out they only appear when used. For example, when internet connectivity is used, the WiFi icon appears. As such, the signal and provider only appears when in a call.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to the Windows Phone 7 Series launch; however I can see one drawback with only displaying the carrier and signal strength status when using the phone: I want to know if I’m in a signal area before I attempt to make a call (ditto for Wi-Fi)…

    Have to say though, that is only one (very small) criticism out of all the fantastic things I’ve seen for this phone operating system so far!

  2. I agree about the signal indicators. While hiding them does make non-relevant screens more simple and focused, I too like to know whether I’m using Wi-Fi, 3G, or 2G service for data as well as 2G or 3G for phone calls (it makes a difference in call quality in my area, and 3G on AT&T allows for simultaneous voice and data). In addition, sometimes I just want to know how my service is by quickly “glancing” at the phone, as the Microsofties would say. Sometimes putting your phone in your pocket is enough to go from service with 1 bar to No Service, and that’s important if you’re expecting a text or call.

  3. i like the idea of only showing those icons when they’re needed, because there are so many and i know from experience with WM6 that it gets cluttered fast, but there are issues….

    anyway, lookin’ good. but – at&t wireless / cingular? huh?

  4. What are those two buttons next to the end call?

    Also, is there any mention of whether we’ll have advanced call features like conferencing, putting folks on hold, speaker phone, etc.

  5. Anyone else seeing the obvious pain in the thumb here?
    How is it are you going to reach the “end call” button with your thumb all the way there?
    End call should be at the bottom, big red – see android for example.

    Also – the button icons on the phone itself – the windows icon and the little circle – provide no indication whatsoever what they are for.

    Step back from the hype – and look at it objectively.

  6. I would really prefer it if they had a ‘hidden’ status bar, like the way it works on the Zune HD.

    The side button on the Zune HD brings out the playback controls and the battery life, and it’s very useful and doesn’t get in the way of the UI when you don’t need it.

    I doubt the WP7S phones will come out with something like that 🙁

    Wish MS thought this through a bit more, but I could be wrong of course.

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