Windows Phone 7 Series emulator “unlocked”

It was not a question of if, but when. The Windows Phone 7 Series emulator ROM has been completely unlocked revealing more of the preproduction mobile operating system Microsoft didn’t want you to see.

Dan Ardelean who has been tinkering with the ROM for some time now has published a modified version of the “BIN” file which removes the locks Microsoft’s put in place to hide other components of the ROM.

Although there is definitely a lot to explore, to be devil’s advocate I must remind everyone that Windows Phone 7 Series and this ROM in particular is still a very early piece of work and the components in this emulator demo is not representative of what the final product will be. Play with it, have fun with it, but don’t build expectations on it.

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  1. omfg yes.

    How mad do you think this’ll make Microsoft? Either way, I look forward to tinkering around with it, and learning C# and that other confusing XML language…

  2. Amazing! This is exactly what I was hoping someone would do. Now lets hope that Microsoft actually releases a full, unrestricted emulator eventually … it’d be great if everyone can test out any Windows Phone app without even touching an actually Windows Phone 7 device.

  3. The file is “out there” 😉 btw upon “actual reading”, the cut/copy/paste references are to Office apps such as Word, Excel, etc… not the OS overall.

    1. Interesting.

      Using OneNote as the ‘Live Clipboard’ that Ray Ozzie has been allegedly working on seems to make sense. hmm

  4. Anyone know if it can be customized, with a network pass through to the host PC so there is internet available in the emulator?

  5. I’ve got the web but I can’t get linked to an email account, which I’d really like to see how the email functions.

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