What’s playing on the Microsoft Store video wall

One of the highlights of the rare brick-and-mortar breed of the Microsoft Store is the panoramic video wall that pushes the definition of widescreen viewing. When you have multi-monitor capabilities of 120 of 47″ LCD displays and a single 130″ plasma displays with a combined resolution of 4 IMAX theatres (57000 x 1080), one has to wonder what sort of content you can show.

And that’s where creative agency Digital Kitchen came in. It turns out a team of nearly 80 people were responsible to producing the films that spans the entire video wall and here’s a couple snippets of the raw video that’s played back on the displays.

Even though they look gorgeous on a standard widescreen computer monitor, you’ll just have to imagine it’s about 30 times wider.

Update: The videos have been removed for some reason 🙁

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  1. oh and yes, Happy Birthday Long!! I hope you had an awesome day!! I was going to write this on the FB page but I see you have that option turned off for your wall 🙂

  2. I cannot wait till we get these stores in the UK.
    Sadly for me I dont live in any of the big city’s that will get them first.

  3. I work on this aspect of the store.
    Anyone interested in doing some creative explorations on this type of medium/format?
    I am pushing to open it up to also become an experiential playground and give local/national/international artists a place to express in a unique way.

    Drop mea line at florin at live.com and we’ll take it from there.

  4. does anybody know if these video’s are avaliable anywhere else? I have checked youtube and cant find them, really wanted to show these to a friend 🙁

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