Don’t steal software, on the street

Apparently students from the University of Technology Sydney and Sydney TAFE are more tempted by street-side packaged software than one could possibly imagine. Microsoft Australia catches them in the act. Of course one can’t assume all of them were trying to “steal” software, at the same time that doesn’t make their reactions any less enjoyable. 🙂

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  1. That was funny but I don’t think you can accuse someone of stealing software just because they pick it up off the street. Whose to say they weren’t going to just hand it in to Lost Property?

  2. Hey Long, don’t just rag on tertiary students; some of them may instead be good-for-nothing federal bureaucrats working for the ABC :p

  3. It would make more sence to remove the automatic alarm and set up a tracker and see where they are going with it, and then you could see if they are taking it to the lost and found, or if they’re going home and installing it on their computers…

  4. It’s not stealing if it’s just laying around on the street. I don’t care what the ‘law’ says about that.

    Besides, why would you want this junk? Most likely the software-key is already in use. Also, I think it would be more likely to get a VIRUS from random street software than from the internets (someone had to go to the trouble to put it there).

  5. I think many of you took it too seriously. Clearly this is just a fun videos, not a case study or part of a PhD. Take it for what it’s supposed to be.. funny.

  6. @SAVVYFX….. not a case study, but do you even know whats behind the curtain from the R&D room of Microsoft or other companies who wants to be the first for everything.

  7. Who wouldn’t be curious enough to pick it up and take a look at what it is? Totally agree with @SavvyFx, you guys are taking it too seriously. It’s just a gag meant to give us a few laughs. Pretty funny.

  8. Personally I use OpenOffice… so if I saw that on the street, I would have laughed and drop kicked the box for a field goal. Why steal when there are better free alternatives?

    1. Openoffice “still uses the old menu system from 20 years ago.” – a familiar menu system that adheres to usability standards and is tried and tested in the real world. IMHO one of it’s biggest “selling” points. I wouldn’t go back to MSOffice now.

    2. Jessica, the ribbon is used everyday in the real world across countless computers in countlesses businesses. It’s easy to use. The only downside was unlearning where things used to be.

  9. People are leaving Microsoft on the street? Man someone ought to clean that up. I wouldn’t want to step in any of that, it’d really ruin my day

  10. Thats nice, but in 2010 its all about moving forward. Its sad people’s brains are so limited. no wonder why they are in such a pissy ass mood

  11. I would have been trapped, I always pickup trashes to put them in the closeby rubbish bin.For an Microsoft Office box, I would have to use protection gloves.

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