Mark your calendars: Microsoft’s “Beauty of the Web” Internet Explorer 9 beta launch group liveblog

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder which is one reason you’ll want to pay attention to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 “Beauty of the Web” event next week.

Join Kip Kniskern from LiveSide and I in another always-entertaining group liveblog of the keynote where Microsoft’s expected to launch a beta version of the browser in all its glory with an emphasis on design if all the marketing materials are to be believed. The venue, the San Francisco Design Center, probably has some relevance too.

The keynote is expected to start Wednesday, September 15 11am US Pacific Daylight Time (check your local times here). Alternatively, download the iCal I prepared earlier for convenient calendaring.

According to Microsoft “beautiful is feeling the love”, so bring on the love I say.

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  1. I must applaud Microsoft for their use of typography on that site, because it’s showing off what exactly makes ClearType so… bad.

    1. You make a really good point. Hopefully Microsoft fixes this soon. Typography looks so much better on my mac.

      1. There is nothing Microsoft can fix here because you both are talking about an image most likely be rendered with Photoshop by Long Zheng. So it is not a website and has no ClearType.

        On the official site however, the text looks super crisp and clean, “even” rendered by the most advanced font rendering technology ;P

    1. He’s not talking about the posted image. is cleartype gone horribly wrong. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time cleartype renders, not beautiful, but readable text. Those small print links on the bottom… that’s not the beauty of the web.

  2. I will NOT be bring the love, because I don’t understand what “beautiful is feeling the love” done mean! I will be bringing some excitement and chips.

  3. To go all ‘Beauty of the Web’ on us they will have to come up with some pretty amazing demo’s. The ‘Wilderness Downtown’ designed for Google Chrome in HTML5 is quite stunning and Microsoft needs to top that and I doubt they can going by what I have seen thus far in the IE9 Previews.

    I will watch with anticapation but if you have not seen the demo above download Google Chrome just to watch that to give you something of a baseline of what we should expect to see from the demos of the IE9 Beta

  4. Yeah only 30% of the web would become beautiful. Internet Explorer 9 Ultimate Extras for Windows 7.

    1. Yes because time does not pass in any way and as such it will always be only 30% of the people on the internet who can use IE9.

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