Microsoft Australia launches SCREENed student film competition: 7 minutes about “7”

The number seven seems to have found a good home at Microsoft; Windows 7, Windows Phone 7 and now even a student film festival dedicated to it called SCREENed.

Although I won’t even pretend to know how the video above is in any way related (but it looks fun), Microsoft Australia wants Aussie students to make a short movie about anything “7” in under 7 minutes.

The competition, open to all Australian-enrolled university, college or TAFE students invites anyone remotely interested in film of any style or genre to make a movie, as long as it incorporates the theme and be not over the time restriction.

Like any good Microsoft competition, there’s some good prizes. Among the three possible awards, the best use of theme win an ultimate entertainments and PC pack including two Windows 7 laptops, three XBOX 360 Elites, three copies of Windows 7 and three Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The competition closes 25 October 2010. Look forward to what crazy ideas people come up with.

5 insightful thoughts

  1. Microsoft (more specifically Windows 7) are also one of the main sponsors of the of the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival. Seems like they wanted to be associated with a bit of Hollywood cool & glamour.

    A quick note on the video above, I don’t really like the concept of food fights. Seems very wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. I thought the worldwide recession made people think twice about doing stunts like this

    1. Cool, I hope they can clean their rep up a bit, they’ve made some great progress with their products.

      About your quick note: Wasteful is a bit harsh in describing this tiny little (awesome) video. Their are many things in this world which are wasteful and could be more efficient. Little skits such as this is not one of them.

  2. I guess the relation here is the 7 people in each group.

    It looks funny, but i really hate throwing any amount of food, let alone playing with it and broadcast that to the world.

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