“Be what’s next” makes first public cameo in Microsoft recruiting promo material

Microsoft’s got a new tagline and isn’t afraid to use it. Having just being registered at the US Trademark Office earlier this month, Microsoft is already putting good use of “Be what’s next” in a series of promotional material for a new college recruiting campaign dubbed “A Playground Of Innovation” as exhibited by creative agency Mondo Robot.

Although the video and print material (embedded below) aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, what’s interesting is how fast Microsoft has begun adopting the use of the new tagline for a company its size and marketing scope.

Considering this is the first of presumably many marketing material refreshes to come (with the new straighter logo), it’s actually a little odd seeing a tagline under Microsoft’s logo after years long absence of its previous tagline “Your potential. Our Passion.”

Nevertheless, I like it. Especially with as many product offerings and business groups as Microsoft, it’s good to have, or at least have the appearance of, a single focus for the brand and everyone associated with it.

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  1. I’m glad the image in the trademark filling was just a bad mock-up. No new logo and not again the old Franklyn Gothic type from the 90’s under it.

    The new tagline is very good. But I could imagine they only use it when the ad is more about Microsoft itself instead of specific products.

  2. They were actually playing a much longer version of that video during MS College Campus events in Sepember (and they also handed out their new College career brochures with the tagline).

    It does definitely feel better watching a video with such a bold, on-edge statement than just glancing at the older, more passive tagline. “We’re exploring new plateaus every day” vs “Oh, we’re here btw helping you do stuff to realize your potential”

  3. I still dislike that tagline. It feels a bit awkward (What is ‘next’ and how can I ‘be’ it?) and commanding (Be it, damn you!). I like the “the future is coming and you can experience it with us” vibe that they want to give off, but I would’ve liked something worded a bit differently.

  4. I’d rather see a new Microsoft logo than a tagline. It’s so old, and there needs to be a better logo to redefine how Microsoft has changed over the decade. Plus by logo, I’m not thinking of the word type, but more like a graphic type.

  5. “Sorry, “Microsoft Innovation Video Graphic Montage” was deleted at 2:21:19 Sun Nov 21, 2010. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere.”

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