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  1. Watched the conference yesterday. Kinect and Surface news were the real highlights (although Surface is still inaccessible technology).
    The real meat – the slate strategy – is nowhere to be seen. Therefore, it becomes clear that Microsoft is going to try the Windows Phone 7 strategy again: Miss a complete technology cycle and “try” to come back strong.
    There is no way Windows 7 will ever compete with the iPad or any decent alternative.

  2. I agree. This was a major disappointment. Microsoft appears to have no cohesive strategy across the various platforms. While I like the XBox, trying to market a gaming console as a “do-all” media hub is ludicrous. There were no “new” announcements of any merit at all. Ballmer couldn’t even complete a sentence without looking at his teleprompter 6 times. Wow. If MS doesn’t dump this guy soon, they are done I am afraid. Isn’t there anyone that works at Microsoft that has any “soul” to give these presentations? Even if you discussing “nothing” a good presenter can make it lively. Last night’s presentation, and the “lack of” news was pathetic, and I am a total windows fan-boy

    1. Why cant they market Xbox as a media hub? So far they are having amazing success doing just that, so I have no idea where you come in calling them “ludicrous.”

  3. I understand that if Microsoft doesn’t have anything new to show, they can’t do much about the gap. I guess we were all just expecting, well, something. Something that Microsoft can ship and people can buy. But in this case, there’s nothing tangible either way. Too bad.

  4. Yeah, the show was dissapointing and even Avatar Kinect was dissapointing. Not that I dislike the face emotion idea, but who is going to sit down and talk with friends just looking at puppits? Maybe fun for kids or when you have kinect for one day, but other then that the ‘game’ they showed had absolutely no use.

    All other xbox annouchments were simply saying that they are finishing stuff they should have had finished before launching the Kinect. And yet we have to see any of them in Europe (the Netherlands). I mean, WHEN will we dutch people be able to use voice recognition.

    And whats this focus on tablet-computing anyway. Sure the iPad is cool but what about real computers? Maybe next year we see something promising….

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