Liveblog: Microsoft CES 2011 Special Press Conference

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2011, Microsoft has decided to host a special press conference at 1pm PST before its hallmark keynote event this evening at 6pm with Steve Ballmer.

It’s anticipated they will give some teasers revealing what the company has in store for the years ahead. iPad killers? Google TV competitors? Watch to find out.

Update: You can find additional photos from the press conference on my Flickr page.

Disclosure: I am attending CES 2011 as a guest of Microsoft Australia.

10 insightful thoughts

  1. Sadly, I’m going to have to miss the CES keynote, because it’ll be the middle of the night here in Britain.

    But thanks for the liveblog. There was some interesting info announced, which confirms the rumours.

  2. I wish you had posted this earlier as I would have tuned in, but missed it.

    Are you going to live blog the keynote later tonight?

  3. After watching the keynote where it was said (twice) that they aren’t showing off a new UI, do you reckon we will see a new user interface for Windows 8, or do you reckon it’s just a tablet UI they might have been mentioning?

  4. As if migration from x86 to x86-64 wasn’t painful enough, now we have ARM tablet and ARM phone apps to keep track of.

    Btw why does your RSS feed say “I love Rafael”??

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