Framerate Fest: a Microsoft HTML5 art gallery

Ever since Internet Explorer 9’s unveil late last year, Microsoft has been touting the HTML5 flag high and proud with its industry-leading GPU acceleration feature (which to this day is yet to be matched by any other browser in development).

The latest demonstration of its prowess is a competition by Microsoft Netherland for web designers to showcase their HTML5 masterpieces in just a frame of 300 pixels squared, thus the name Framerate Fest.

Since the website just launched days ago there are currently only 8 submissions showcased. At the time of writing the most voted for is a dynamically generated and playable “Amazing maze“, and my personal favorite is an interactive bacteria-like visualizer “Pixel Outbreak“.

Submissions are open until 25th of March and will be voted on to determine the ultimate frame. The winner gets a XBOX 360 with Kinect and a 3D print of the competition logo to hang on their fridge. Technical guidelines for submissions can be found here.

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  1. I’m a little puzzled by the claims about hardware acceleration on that site. FF4 has included it in the last few betas and it’s enabled by default.

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