Microsoft Australia’s sketchy developer evangelism portal is #winning

We have some pretty awesome Microsoft developer evangelists down under. To help prove it, they’ve just launched a cool one-page site today called “Noise to Signal” (together with 9×9) that casts a clear and broad light on everything the company is doing for developers presented in comic sketches of all things.

What’s awesome about it is that not only is it so different but it works so well. The light hearted humor and informal atmosphere is a stark contrast to the Utopian corporate marketing spiel that commonly creeps into evangelism for the worse.

Although there are already plans to make it more interactive in the future, I think there’s an opportunity here to tell an engaging developer story over time in the form of an ongoing comic series, much like what Valve does with Team Fortress 2.

Oh and Rick is extra awesome.

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  1. it’s a frikin’ mess … just like everything else Microsoft is doing in regards to web development and all things creative. I don’t know what happened. These guys used to be my heroes in the early days of the web.

    Then somewhere along the way the rolled their web dev portals into the Developer Network portal and it all went to shit… I think that was sometime around 2001. Quite sad really.

  2. Nope… just voicing my disappointment with the way the web dev efforts in Microsoft have gone down the drain the past 13 years. Yes they tried to change a few things in the past three years. But lets face it, it’s still a mess and most of the technologies pushed via ReMix are not really that widely used.

    Obviously not the evangelists fault… but none the less a reflection.

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