Microsoft Advertising awarded new “Filmstrip” ad format

There’s a new web ad format in town, courtesy of Microsoft Advertising.

Officially dubbed by the online ad industry-standard organization IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) as the “Filmstrip” format, it’s a new spin on the “half page ad” (300×600) we’ve all probably very familiar with. The catch is that it’s actually 300×3000 and houses 5 mini-ads in one.

Although I’m not a big fan of mindless banner advertising, it’s refreshing to see some innovation that doesn’t just taking up more space or partially blocking content from view. Since I’ve yet to see one live, the demo in the video seems to work quite well as it appeals to multiple stages of pre-purchase consumer behavior, without ever taking the user off the site.

Update: As commenter uberlaff also points out, it’s like a panorama from Windows Phone 7, for an ad.

The “Filmstrip” is one of six new formats awarded “Rising Stars Ad Units” for next-generation brand advertising online, chosen from a pool of 36 submissions. These are said to become part of the IAB Standard Ad Units after six months of market testing.

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  1. I’m sure it’ll be just as awesome as current ads. *rolls eyes* Well, as long as adblock stops it, whatever.

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