MIX11: Windows Phone 7 app wall

Microsoft took the liberty at MIX11 conference today to honor the work of Windows Phone 7 application developers today with an “app wall”, or to be more precise three walls, to showcase the number of applications in the Marketplace.

Undeniably inspired by Apple’s App Wall from WWDC 2009, Microsoft covered three walls of a cubicle (although it might be hiding a surprise for tomorrow) next to the Windows Phone booth in the “Commons” exhibition hall with a print of thousands of icons from apps on the Marketplace.

Obviously a static image is not nearly as cool as an interactive visualization that animates when someone actually purchases an application, developers were visibly just as much excited spotting their own application.

Update: Developers at home can check out some of my higher resolution images to find their own applications, #1 #2, good luck.

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  1. IdentityMine produced six apps, but I was only able to locate one of them (SBB is toward the top and center of the main panel)…I’m going back to the wall and see if I can find the other five. I won’t rest until I find IMDb, Twitter, Graphic.ly, and HISTORY HERE.


  2. I hope it is hiding something! Because, I hate to say it, otherwise it is a pretty pathetic imitation.

      1. Why because I actually have perspective? Have you seen the Apple wall Long refers to? It was massive, spread across multiple cinema displays and whenever someone purchased one of the apps the icon pulsated.

        So yeah, I stand by my comment. This thing is a cheap copy, nearly an onion parody and I’m a guy that absolutely loves wp7! That’s why, dude, I hope it is hiding something because otherwise it makes a very easy and justifiably so, target. Microsoft could do much better and they should be challenged to do so.

      1. I can’t stand apple. It just appears I have much higher standards for MS than you do.

  3. If anyone else has photos of this little App Wall, please reply to this comment. I would love to Photosynth these, like Greg Downing did for the WWDC 2009 App Wall: http://bit.ly/wwdc2009appwallsynth

    A couple of tips for Photosynth:
    > If someone would shoot me no less than 20 photos walking all the way around this, that would really help.
    > If someone would help out by taking intermediate distance shots, it will help the close-ups match the photos that see the entire wall.
    > Please provide the full resolution photos. Photosynth allows 32MB per JPEG, and I doubt your camera takes anything larger, so please contribute full quality shots.

    Long, I would love to see you encourage attendees to go ahead and shoot orbits of photos walking all the way around exhibits and synthing them, tagging them with MIX11. If people license their photos to a Creative Commons license that allows me to re-use with attribution, I’ll happily try to put as many of them together as possible, but they’ll need to be fairly close to each other for that to work.

    Shooting panoramas is probably a lot easier for people (and I welcome those too) but they aren’t nearly as useful for reconstruction as something that looks at part of the scene from many different angles (unless you have many panos close to each other).

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