Windows University Tour 2011 shows off and gives away new Win7 PCs to Australian students

Microsoft Australia sure knows how to treat university students well. They were the first to introduce the “It’s Not Cheating” Office promotion, then they awarded a student with 7-months free rent in a house of their dreams, and now they have a roadshow showing off the latest PCs to students all around the country with the chance to win some too.

Microsoft Australia’s Windows University Tour 2011 kicked off mid last month and has already visited 4 universities in Victoria (Deakin University, University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University) and 2 in New South Wales (University of NSW, University of Newcastle), already demoing around 20 new laptops and touch PCs to over 5000 students.

Considering how little disposable income students usually have, Microsoft Australia is also giving away 30 Windows 7 laptops of every model and size valued over $45,000 in total. To enter, you just need to answer 3 simple questions on the Facebook page. Entries close June 2.

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  1. Sigh, why is it every company uses facebook instead of their own webpages/database for comps. I don’t DO facebook.

  2. When they came to my school (in CA), I was very excited and showed up. Honestly, I was very dissapointed. The people “in charge” were not meant to interact with people like us (people who read sites like this one)^1. I was playing with one of the HP ENVYs on display and was extremely surprised to find malware (pretending to be Microsoft Security Essentials). I asked to speak with someone who would know about the software installed on the computers and the girl pointed to a guy standing next to me. I told him what we were seeing on screen, and he says, “It doesn’t really bother me,” after I explained in multiple ways how there was something installed on the computer that should NOT be in a “show off the best of Windows” PC. I walked away with no hope in Microsoft ever realizing how important it is to “perfect” the Windows experience ^2.

    ^1: I understand that they need to have “socially-tuned” people to reach out to college students (already mainly Mac users), but come on…there are all kinds of people who can both.
    ^2: It wasn’t just the malware, there was tons of crapware and non-Microsoft promotional-ware that it greatly muddled the “Windows experience.”

    – end rant –

    I just felt like I had to finally express my experience. Overall, I think most people found the Microsoft tent to be okay, and the laptop and Zune giveaways were pretty cool. But, the funnest bit was some shirt slingshot action that went on; people can go real crazy for shirts! That, I confess, was awesome.

    1. Hey Albert,

      The Australian Windows U Tour is run by a different company on behalf of Microsoft Australia – but it’s disappointing to hear the issues you had in CA.

      The laptops are generally supplied by manufacturers and put on display – and to ensure that students get the full experience of Windows 7, the machines are not locked down. Sadly, it seems that somehow a virus had got onto the machine. I can assure you that the opinion of the person you spoke to does not spread across the whole team, and I would be taking it higher.

      I suggest you leave a comment with your feedback o n

      Also, ughghghgh, the Australian tour had the ability to fill out a survey, which did not require a Facebook account. Don’t stress, Microsoft Australia thought about you too 🙂


      1. Hi Michael,
        Thanks for your response. Glad to see someone is listening. Best of luck to the Australian Windows U Tour!

  3. Maybe I am just tired, but I can’t help but notice that everyone seems to be wearing the same shoes…

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