IE9 Battle for Beauty: online & offline game to fight for a more beautiful web, June 10-11

Continuing the “Beauty of the Web” theme for Internet Explorer 9, an upcoming event next weekend which will be held simultaneously online and in-person at downtown Toronto, Canada will be promoting a more beautiful web through a live, browser-based multiplayer game called “The Battle for Beauty“.

Although HTML5-based browser game are not new, this one will feature a game mechanic I haven’t heard of for an online game before. The preview reads,

It’s a one-of-a-kind, interactive event where live participants will team up with online players using Windows Internet Explorer 9 and battle together against other online opponents. All attendees will have a chance to play the game, especially designed by Microsoft to showcase the latest version of Internet Explorer.

It claims real players in the streets of Toronto will use softballs on an interactive screen to play with online counterparts, bridging interactive play with physical play. It will be an interesting experiment to say the least.

The event is scheduled for June 10 and 11. You can find more details about the event on the game’s website. Of course if you’re in the Toronto area be sure to check it out live and presumably get your hands on some Internet Explorer softballs (featured below). If not, pay a visit in your browser.

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  1. @chrisclondon, Good for you that you understood what is good for you. But, most of the people who visit this site use MS products especially Windows. I don’t think any of them would go Apple way.

  2. Aargh! I am using IE9 with activex filtering turned on.
    Long, the video player you are using is asking me to upgrade to “HTML 5 compliant” Safari.
    Thats just wrong in so many ways

  3. Since the last time Internet Explorer recieved a major overhaul with it’s tabbed browsing in IE7, I wonder which will be the next version of Internet Explorer to recieve a significant UI overhall? IE11 perhaps with perhaps a ribbon interface? Since Microsoft are moving a lot of even their basic tools like Windows Explorer to the Ribbon UI, to me at least it would make a lot of sense.

  4. “Although this game is built with HTML5, an additional plug-in is required to handle multiplayer communications.”
    Guess what the plug-in is… Flash. :/ No thanks.

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