Battle for Beauty: Toronto fights for a beautiful web

Next time Canucks fans, instead of rioting, vent your frustration by throwing soft balls at “Mr. Clutter”, “Peeping-Tom” and “Eternal Loadworm” instead – all enemies of a great web experience.

The Battle for Beauty interactive event in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, sponsored by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, turned out to be quite a success. According to the event organizers, over 1,200 in-person participants hit 12,400 critters by throwing over 37,000 “Internet Explorer” balls at the interactive screen. In addition, online players participated simultaneously in the event.

Of course putting together such a game is no easy task which is why this “making-of” video is so interesting to see the whole development from start to finish. It looks like a lot of fun.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. It is a little ironic that the video on this page does not play without flash on IE9, which does support HTML5 video (and plays html5 youtube flawlessly.)

  2. Internet Explorer is and always will be the same ugly duckling it was in 1995! Sure, over the years it has aquired all them fancy features such as the security features and tabbed browsing, but thats nothing browsers like Mozilla Firefox can’t replicate. Oh, and Firefox is updated much more frequently as well! 🙂 Which is why I am sticking firmly with Firefox and ignoring the Internet Explorer propaganda that still irks us all in the 21st century.

    1. So, because firefox udpates to a new arbitrary number every six weeks, you stick with them? You sure are easy to please.

      1. it’s because fixing the memory leaks caused every time they try to clone opera takes time, mang

    2. I far prefer Firefox to IE too… and, on that subject, you have it the wrong way ’round: FireFox had tabbed browsing first – by several years. It was IE that “replicated” – or rather borrowed the idea, in IE 7. Firefox had it long before IE7 came out.

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