Executives spoof video from Microsoft MGX FY12

I miss the spoof videos that used to break the ice for most Microsoft keynotes, like the infamous Matrix spoof of 2003. Now more times than not, they seem to be limited to internal events such as the one above for MGX FY12, the same event that delivered “The Gmail Man“.

The video features an A-list of Microsoft’s senior management team including Kurt DelBene – President of Office, Andrew Lees – President of Windows Phone, Qi Lu – President of Online Services, and Chris Capossela – Senior VP of consumer marketing.

I’m not too sure what the context of this video is suppose to be, but even without one there’s something inherently amusing about senior executives carpooling, discussing TV shows, yelling at iPhone users, choosing between Larry Page or Steve Jobs and smack talking Google.

Apparently this is an alternative edit of the one that actually screened at the event but nevertheless worth a laugh or two.

Update: The video has since been taken down by the author.

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  1. Hah, man that was totally unexpected. 3 Microsoft Division Presidents Carpooling, in a Mini Cooper no less! With Chris Capossela as the token filler. Too bad that they could not get Sinofsky in this

    1. Sinofsky could have a bit about someone leaking info on one of his projects, then the next scene he has completely bound and duct taped that person up with their mouth completely taped up, and while everyone in the car is just staring out of fright and disbelief a complacent Sinofsky just throws his hands up and proclaims an innocent “What?!?”

      hehe 😉

  2. Something tells me that every shot in this was done in one take… but I still enjoyed it 🙂 I know that MS gets laughed at for trying to be cool etc but this sort of thing just adds charm to the company in my eyes.


    I’m still laughing and smiling from that, good stuff boys. 😀

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