Tour around the BUILD 2011 expo hall

Following the Steve Ballmer’s appearance at the conclusion of the second keynote at Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 conference, the trademark exhibition hall opened up to the public for the first time with vendors and Microsoft booths showing off new products and technologies.

Of note are the booths of AMD, Qualcomm, Intel and Nvidia who each have at least one Windows 8 device showed off inside a glass cube. Many of these devices are prototypes of smaller-sized slates of around 8″. No specifications or models were detailed on any of these devices so it’s assumed most of these are just concepts.

Last but not least, Channel9 Live is sporting a custom version of MetroTwit Show which I’ve been working on. Go check out their live show throughout BUILD.

4 insightful thoughts

  1. Yes i support this! One major issue with the new Windows 8 is shutting down. Make me feel dumb for a moments when I can’t figure out how to power off it. Finally release have to lock the user before you can turn it off. I find this quite confusing.

    1. You don’t have to lock to power off. Go to Settings>Power (amidst the volume and network and other system icons) and choose log off/restart/shut down.

      I agree its not super intuitive, but after you figure out where it is its not a big deal.

  2. Thanks for the tip Sam! I was looking for that option. I hope they could make it easier for desktop user using windows 8. If not non tech person will have a hard down shutting down their windows at first and spoilt the impression of it. =/

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