15 insightful thoughts

  1. WOW. Nice. I would be green with envy – review phones and cookies – but I’m not a fan of green since Mango changed the colour scheme 🙁 Bring back the old Green colour (Lime) in Apollo and ditch the new wussy Lime I say!

  2. Nice. I’m enjoying finding the little things in my Mango update on my Dell Venue Pro. Simple things like being able to turn off the camera shutter sound and a more easy toggle between video and camera mode make my day!

    Is that the new Samsung?

  3. Have been enjoying Mango since the beta, will be enjoying it once I get my phone back from HTC warranty. A healthy scoop of Mango keeps the Droids away.

  4. Mmmm…… donuts (oops I meant cookies!) 😛

    I can definitely see Microsoft easily overtaking Apple in terms of popularity in the smartphone technology! Screw the Apple iPhone, Windows Phone technology is where its at! 😀

  5. You seem to have your “finger” on the pulse Long…..so tell me WHEN are the WP7.5 phones going to be released in Australia ?? Or do we have to wait until November / December time ??

  6. I rang up the local Telstra shop yesterday and they didn’t even know what “Mango” (alias WP7.5) was ?? And then tried to sell me the 7.0 version with only one camera in it.

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